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Energy & Sustainability Office

Welcome to the Energy & Sustainability Office! Located in Facilities Management (Northeast corner of the Ogden campus) our team works hard every day making huge strides to make Weber State University more sustainable, energy efficient, and water-wise. 

How We Lead Sustainability in Higher Education

  • Thanks to funding from student fees, WSU's Environmental Ambassadors have been able to install 25 bike racks and 6 bike fix-it stations at the Ogden and Davis campuses.
  • Energy upgrades to reduce emissions and save the university millions of dollars.
  • Water efficiency projects preventing wasted and unnecessary water usage.
  • Working with Sodexo to provide healthier options and sustainably sourced foods and serveware.
  • Educating each other, the campus, and the community on sustainable practices and lifestyles.
  • Communicating regularly and transparently with the campus and the surrounding community about WSU’s progress towards becoming a sustainable campus.
  • Lucid Dashboard monitoring system for campus buildings and maintenance.

Contact Us

Jennifer Bodine

Sustainability Coordinator
Phone: 801-626-6421

Justin Owen

Energy Manager
Phone: 801-626-6683