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Green Department Program

The Green Department Certification Program is a voluntary and competitive program that supports and rewards departments while helping Weber State achieve its energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Each participating department is considered a "Green Team"  and is provided a checklist and a variety of resources to achieve different levels of certification:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Green
"Get on the Green Team" logo with small purple leaf half behind a large light green leaf.

Why Join?

Wildcats have already made great strides in reducing our greenhouse emissions and environmental impact, but there is more to do. Your participation can help WSU meet its progressive sustainability goals.

  • Get recognized and rewarded
  • Enhance staff unity
  • Make a positive impact

Green Team 101

How does the Green Department Program work?

What is on the Green Team Checklist?

How are Green Teams rewarded?

How to Join

Contact the Green Department Program Manager today to get started!

Phone: 801-918-5235
Email: or

Meet the Green Teams

Leaderboard (as of 11/09/23)

  1. Honors Program (199 points)
  2. Geography (124 points) 
  3. Botany (123 points)
  4. English (121 points)
  5. CCEL (107 points)

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