Hiking and Climbing Near Ogden, Utah

So you rented some climbing or backpacking gear from the Outdoor Program Rental Center, now where do you go around Ogden to play?


Rock Climbing

» Ogden Boulder Field

Ogden Boulder Field is located on the East Bench below the School Room climbing area.

Getting There:

The Lower Boulder Field is best accessed via the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from the 22nd Street trailhead. The Upper Boulder Field is approached from the 27th Street trailhead.

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» Ninth Street

ninth streetThe Ninth Street Crag is the classic easy-access climbing destination in Ogden. The small crag boasts easy top rope access as well as sport climbing.

Getting There:

Just take 9th Street east from Harrison Boulevard to its terminus and then hike up the hill to the obvious spit of rock 35-foot tall rock.

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» School Room

school roomThe School Room boasts Ogden’s largest concentration of high-quality climbing, both sport and traditional, on fractured quartzite. The Ramp Routes, Utahnics Area, and Sunday Wall host a great selection of moderate routes.

Getting There:

The crag spans from 22nd Street to 27th Street and can be approached by following either of these roads to the trailheads at their east ends.

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» Ogden Canyon

ogden canyonOgden Canyon, found by heading east from town on 12th street, is home to some of the oldest established climbing in Ogden. Numerous routes line the canyons various gullies, wall, nooks, and crannies.

Getting There:

Many of the routes are accessed via parking at the small “hole in the rock” pull-out and hiking (carefully!) up or down the road to access the gullies and climber trails.

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» Nature Center Wall

The Nature Center Wall is home to a variety of dispersed single-pitch routes located above the Ogden Nature Center Trailhead just north of 1100N in North Ogden.

Getting There:

Park at the Nature Center Trailhead a mile or two north of the Catholic church on Mountain Road/Harrison. Follow trails up to the Bonneville Shoreline, then follow a line of talus up.

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» Echo Canyon

Echo Canyon boasts conglomerate sandstone cobble climbing. The few dozen sport climbs are some of the best in the Ogden area with grades ranging from 5.7 to 5.13+.

Getting There:

Echo is found by heading east through Weber Canyon (along I-84) to the I-80 junction.

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» Ogden Alpine Areas

ogden alpineOgden boasts several adventurous in-town alpine areas. The most accessible of these is the Macabre Wall, located just north of Jump Off Canyon between 800N and 1100N in North Ogden. The wall features the classic moderate Jagged Edge and the equally classic test-piece Macabre Wall. Other alpine areas include The Mezzanines accessed via the Bonneville Shoreline Trail between 1st and 9th Streets, the prominent South Face and Southwest Ridge of Ben Lomond, and wandering lines on the east aspects of Mount Ogden, typically accessed via Snowbasin ski resort.

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» Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail runs north to south along much of the Wasatch Front, following the border of the ancient Bonneville Lake which has now receded to become what we know as the Great Salt Lake. The trail yields moderate, yet pleasant rolling terrain perfect for hiking, running, and mountain biking along the East Bench.

Getting There:

Heading east along numerous roads throughout Ogden accesses trailheads to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Nineth, 22nd, and 29th Streets offer some of the most convenient access and ample parking.

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» Beus Canyon Trail

Beus Canyon offers easy to moderate hiking along a drainage up the verdant Beus Canyon. The truly adventurous can then follow switchbacks out of the canyon to the ridge along its south side which follows a dusty, rocky trail above treeline all the way to the summit of Mount Ogden. This long and committing hike is not for the faint of heart.

Getting There:

The trailhead is located at the top of 4600 South, on the east side of Ogden. Follow the street east until the road curves south near the microwave towers. There are signs to the trailhead.

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» Malan’s Peak

malan's peakMalan’s Peak is a sub-peak on the northwestern flanks of Mount Ogden. An easy to moderate hike from the 29th Street Trailhead lead into Taylor Canyon followed by a moderately strenuous ascent of the peak’s north slope. The trail crests the ridge and offers gorgeous views over Ogden.

Getting There:

The trail begins at the 29th Street Trailhead, located at the top of 29th Street on the east side of Ogden.

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» Indian Trail

The historic Indian Trail loosely follows a trail once used by the Shoshone tribe to exit Ogden Canyon and access the Salt Lake plain. This moderate wooded trail runs along the south side of Ogden Canyon and slowly gains elevation upcanyon, making for a great summertime retreat from the heat in the valley.

Getting There:

The Indian Trail is commonly accessed from the 22nd Street Trailhead or Rainbow Gardens.

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» Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail runs across the summit ridge of Lewis Peak. A pleasant, yet steep, hike through conifers to the south leads to the summit ridgeline of Lewis Peak accompanied by gorgeous views at moderate altitude.

Getting There:

The Skyline Trail can be gained from the North Ogden Divide Trailhead at the highest point on North Ogden Canyon Road.

» Ben Lomond

ben lomondThe summit of Ben Lomond is a more strenuous, yet common summer attraction. Heading north across the road from the parking area, many switchbacks attain the mountains lengthy southeastern ridgeline. Sustained ridge hiking ultimately leads to final switchbacks up the mountain’s summit cone.

Getting There:

The summit of Ben Lomond can be accessed via the North Ogden Divide Trailhead on North Ogden Canyon Road.

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» Sardine Trail at Snowbasin

During the summer months, Snowbasin ski resort offers a variety of hiking and mountain biking options. One of the most popular trails climbs to the summit of Sardine Peak, which offers an overlook into Ogden Canyon as well as views back onto the city of Ogden. Snowbasin offers a host of information about the many trails on the resort and the adjacent United States Forest Service land.