Weber Rocks Climbing Wall

The Weber Rocks Climbing Wall is located in the Swenson Stromberg complex. Weber Rocks is an educational facility offering participants the instruction and equipment needed to make climbing a life long pursuit.

Drop in Recreation Hours

Monday-Friday 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Tuesday & Thursday 6-10 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Special Groups

Groups of 3 or more, or anyone hoping for individualized instruction must make advanced reservations.  We can accomodate groups of various sizes during out regular drop-in hours or other times with sufficient notice. Participants under 13 years of age will not be allowed to belay.  For reservations or for more info call 801-626-7905 or email well in advance of your desired dates.

Student Fees

Student Day Pass: FREE
Student Belay Clinic: FREE 
Rental Equipment: FREE
Specialty Skills Clinics: Call for pricing - specialty clinics are created to fit your needs.

Student Group: Please call us ahead of time if you plan on joining us with any group larger than three people.  We want to be sure we can accomodate your group when you arrive. Outside of drop in hours student group rates are $11 a person.

General Public Fees

General Public Day Pass: $14.00 +Tax (Gear / Belay Clinic included/Access) Pay at the climbing wall, not the front desk.

Punch Pass: $110 for 10 visits ($11 a visit-Gear / Belay Clinic included/Access) Purchase at Climbing Wall.

Non-student Group:

$14 + Tax per person (9 or less participants, no discount)

$13 + Tax per person (10 -14 participants)

$12 + Tax per person (15 -20 participants)


All participants will be required to complete a mandatory belay clinic. Those with ample experience will be able to demonstrate their proficiency through a belay test. The belay clinic is required for initial admission. After the initial clinic or test climbers will have full use of the facility.

The Weber Rock Climbing Wall only accepts credit cards. We are sorry for any inconvience this my cause.

Special use will be considered on an individual basis. Special use clinics will be offered frequently (such as lead climbing and rappelling, See our course schedule). Participants must attend and pass a skills clinic test in order to participate in special use activities on the wall.

Participant Access

The Weber Rocks Climbing Wall will be open to Weber State University students, staff, faculty, general public and pass holders with proper identification (Age 18 and over) during open recreation hours. WSU Affiliates or participants who are accompanied by a student, staff, or faculty.

WITH THE EXCEPTION OF NUAMES STUDENTS, OTHER MINORS HOLDING A CURRENT WSU STUDENT ID, OR ORGANIZED GROUPS WITH A RESERVATION, YOUTH (under 18 yso) ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE FACILITY DURING DROP IN RECREATION HOURS.  All permitted youth under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian read and sign the Informed Consent for Minors and Their Parents form.

 Please complete:

Participant Waiver / Informed Consent for Minors and Their Parents

Rules and Policies

Policies for Participation

  • All participants must complete an assumption of risk form prior to participation in any activity at the WRCW.  Participants who are minors must have a parent or legal guardian complete the assumption of risk form.  Staff should ensure all participants understand the forms and the risks they are accepting through their participation.
  • Organized groups must ensure that all members have completed an assumption of risk form, including forms completed by parents/legal guardians on behalf of minors.  Non-participatory members (ex. chaperones) should also complete a form.  Groups must remain at the WRCW and are not permitted to go to other areas of the facility.
  • Participants under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Participants under 13 years of age are not permitted to belay.
  • Participants may include WSU students, faculty, or staff as well as community members with membership or access to the Swenson-Stromberg Complex.  All other participants must be part of an organized group with approval to use the wall.
  • Participants may only use the WRCW during scheduled academic classes, regular drop-in recreation hours, or as part of a scheduled, organized group.  A staff member must be present at all times for any participants to use the WRCW.

User Rules

  • All participants will not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances that may affect their sobriety or judgment while participating in activities at the WRCW.
  • Climbers will only use a figure-8 follow-through knot to tie in to climbing ropes.
  • An appropriate, functional belay device is required for all belaying. 
  • Belay devices must be attached to the belayer’s harness with a locking carabiner.
  • Loose chalk is not permitted.  Participants may use chalk balls.
  • Participants may check out a helmet for free from WRCW staff should they wish to use them.
  • Climbers should use standard climbing commands, minimally “On belay?”, “Belay on”, “Climbing?” and “Climb on.”
  • Climbers may use their own equipment with approval from WRCW staff.
  • All equipment should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Lead climbing is no longer permitted during drop in recreation hours.  It is only permitted with prior reservations.
  • Spotters are recommended, but not required, for all bouldering.
  • Boulderers may use the roped climbing walls ensuring their shoulders to not go above the first row of quickdraws on the wall.  Boulderers should yield to roped climbers on the roped climbing walls and should not boulder below roped climbers.
  • Boulderers should hang and drop or hang and down climb from the bouldering wall.  Topping out is not permitted.
  • Personal music devices are not permitted as they pose a communication hazard.
  • Food and drink (except water in a bottle) are prohibited in the Arena and therefore prohibited at the WRCW.
  • Participants should report accidents, damage, equipment issues, or unsafe behavior to WRCW staff immediately.
  • Participants will follow the instruction and direction of WRCW staff at all times.
  • All participants not part of a scheduled, organized group must complete a WRCW orientation and belay clinic and test to participate in activities at the WRCW.
  • The WRCW reserves the right to suspend, either temporarily or permanently, use of the WRCW by any participant for failure to comply with any WRCW policy or for behavior deemed inappropriate or unsafe.

Facility Description

The WSU Climbing Center Weber Rocks is located in the northwest corner of the main arena in the Stromberg Center. Entre Prises (of Bend, Oregon) designed and constructed the climbing wall in 2007 in three sections. Two sections called "Free Form" (a simulated rock texture) and one called "Imprint" (a panel system).


There are three distinct climbing surfaces available:

  • 24ft. wide X 30ft. high "Imprint" (panel) wall
  • 22ft. wide X 30ft. high "Free Form" (natural rock) wall
  • 40ft. wide X 13ft. high "Free Form" Bouldering wall