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Tuition Reimbursement

Following the semester of your association with WSU, you can take up to 6 credit hours for free! Continue your education and advance your degree in our graduate programs or enroll in a fun recreational course, such as skiing, golfing, & scuba diving.

To receive Tuition Reimbursement, please be sure to track your current hours with our Tuition Reimbursement form. For more information visit  WSU policies and procedures. Please note, Intermountain Health employees are not eligible for tuition reimbursement due to predefined guidelines from Intermountain. 

Clinical Faculty Status (Wildcat Card) 

This benefit is key to accessing our WSU benefits and requires a minimum of 40 hours per semester. Simply email to start this process.

The Wildcat Card is necessary to access other benefits, such as Gym Access, Event Tickets, Recreational Gear Rentals, Bookstore Discounts and Local Discounts.

Gym Access

Stop paying for expensive memberships, and receive all the benefits of a fully equipped gym for free! With your Wildcat card, you can access our Ogden campus gym and Davis campus gym, along with our group exercise classes, facility pool, and at-home workout resources. 
Visit our Campus Recreation page for more information on hours and location. 

Recreational Gear Rentals

Preceptors can receive a discount on all recreational gear rentals, such as kayaks, backpacking and climbing gear, general camping gear, skis, snowshoes and winter gear, and bikes. Learn about the equipment available to you by visiting our Outdoor Equipment Rental Center.

Event Tickets

Enjoy catching a game or a theatrical performance? With your Wildcat Card, you can receive free tickets to our campus sporting events and discounted tickets to plays, music, and theater performances. Most tickets are available by showing your Wildcat card at the door, or call ahead at (801) 626-8500 and check out our events calendar.

Bookstore Discount

With your Wildcat Card, you can receive a 20% discount (tax-free) at our campus bookstore. From your basic supplies to WSU swag and more! Visit our Wildcat Store online or in person (insider tip: the Downtown Wildcat bookstore located on 2314 Washington Blvd. has some wonderful local clothing, including pieces from Ogden Made).

Local Discounts

As a community, WSU is proud to receive and give support to our local partners. Visit Local Discounts and see what discounts are available to you next time you’re out and about with your Wildcat card. 

Library Access

As a WSU supporter, you have FREE access to a wide range of books, collectives, scholarly articles, and peer-reviewed research with our Stewart Library. Explore a world of knowledge at your fingertips! 



If you have further questions about our preceptor benefits or would like to submit your tuition reimbursement form, please contact Maleesa Morris at

If you are interested in being an ADN, MSN, or DNP preceptor please contact one of our coordinators below:

ADN Program

Tyandra Perez
(801) 626-6635

Graduate Programs

Catie Weimer 
(801) 626-6475