Weber State University (WSU) Scholarships

WSU provides more than $90 million in financial aid and scholarships each year.
Scholarships may be awarded based on academic achievement, financial need, leadership or other criteria.

Beginning October 1, students will be able to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  This will allow you to know much earlier your financial aid award for the next school year.  Also, students selected for verification wil have an easier time verifying income because you can use tax information that was submitted from the prior year.  Students can accelerate the application process by using the Data Retrieval Tool.  This tool retrieves tax information for the IRS database and reduces the amount of verification required.  The benefits for applying early and using the Data Retieval Tool are: a) finding out earlier what aid is available; b) ensuring that the aid will be received before the semester begins; c) helping qualify for other need-based WSU scholarships; d) being in the best position to receive more need-based institutional grant funds.  Visit the WSU Financial Aid & Scholarships page for further information and for all necessary guidelines, etc.

School of Nursing (SON) Scholarships

All students accepted into the nursing program are eligible for SON Scholarships. The SON has numerous scholarships available and our generous donors outline the award criteria for scholarships. Whether you are eligible for financial aid or not, you must complete the mandatory applicationsFailure to complete all the required steps on the WSU Scholarship page will render you ineligible for any and all scholarships. Below are some of the mandatory applications that must be completed for eligibility and the links are found on the WSU Scholarhip page. 

  • you must apply for FAFSA
  • you must apply for WSU Financial Aid/Scholarships in the eWeber portal
  • you must have a WSU GPA for any Nursing Scholarships.

Private Donor Scholarship Opportunities.  At times, we receive other private scholarship opportunities.  The private donors of these scholarships require their own specific criteria so read carefully and make sure you complete all pertinent information.  As we receive these scholarships, they will be added to the student bulletin board and the link will become active. Make sure you have followed the WSU financial aid and scholarship requirements noted above.

The School of Nursing is appreciative of the generous community support in the form of scholarships for our students.

For more information, contact Marguerite Simmons at

Department of Workforce Services Training Services Program. Please see flyer for further information.

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