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Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing Bulletin Boards

Important COVID-19 Vaccine and Exemption Information For All Students with a Clinical Assignment

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

In congruence with our previous announcement, the following information remains true, our Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing recognizes that we as healthcare providers will always run the risk of being exposed to infectious disease. Our tools in addressing these circumstances are following CDC Guidelines, protecting ourselves by wearing PPE, being vaccinated, and above all being tolerant of those who choose differently than ourselves.

With that being said, there is an important update regarding clinical facility guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination, which we will be supporting. All other information found in the previous document is still current and true.

Due to our partnership agreements, we will immediately begin gathering vaccination data with a deadline of December 5, 2021. Only approved medical and religious exemptions may be accepted. Paperwork for the vaccine proof and/or the approved exemption will be required to be uploaded into Castlebranch when notified. All facility guidelines regarding vaccines and the wearing of masks will be followed.

In accordance with the Attestation Form you signed:

"I understand that practical experiences may be suspended, shortened, or rescheduled at any time due to changes in govenmental, university, or facility directives or complications due to COVID-19, which may impact the timeline for my progression toward graduation or completion of other objectives, such as certifications."

This is the official WSU Dumke College of Health Professions (DCHP) Exemption process. All students must submit their exemption request information through the qualtrics form: DCHP Exemptions are reviewed by the Disabilities Office (as needed) and returned to the DCHP Exemption Process Review Committee for final review. There will be a form that will have a statement on whether the exemption has been approved/denied. All exemptions will be returned to your Weber student email account.

We take our faculty, staff, and students learning and safety very seriously. In addition, we respect and support our clinical affiliations and recognize our practical learning experiences are dependent on these partnerships.

Thank you for choosing Weber State University and our Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing. We are so happy to have you as part of our legacy. We are grateful for your continued patience and cooperation during these challenging times.


Current Announcements and Upcoming Events

Bridgerland Technical College

Lab/Simulation Operations Assistant

High school diploma required. Certified Nursing Assistant certification or 1 year of health care work experience preferred. Certificate in simulation preferred. Understanding in current and trending simulation technologies. Has excellent communication and people skills.

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CPR Classes

The Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing will not be offering face to face American Heart Association BLS CPR courses. If you want a CPR Course, you must take the Online portion, and find a hands-on sign off in the community. The only acceptable BLS/CPR courses are American Heart Association and American Red Cross. Please make sure your course is BLS/CPR. CPR for the Professional Rescuer is not an acceptable course. Unfortunately the CPR/First Aid AED Course offered by Campus Recreation is also not an acceptable course. NOTE: The BLS Online Course can be no older than 60 days prior to skills check-off. If you are over 60 days you will have to repeat the online course.

McKay Dee Hospital offers American Heart Association BLS CPR Courses. Please view the CPR Flyer for an additional option.

WSU Department of Emergency Healthcare has launched a website for their CPR Training Center.  If anyone requires American Heart Association BLS CPR Certification or recertification, you can find a class at