Google Business Accounts

Google Business

Marketing & Communications is partnering with Informtion Technology to claim and maintain Google Business accounts. Google Business information often appears when a Google search is performed for a specific building or entity at Weber State, and show up in a box with images, an address, phone number, hours of operation and other pertinent information on the righthand side of the search results when using a desktop computer. Your department may have created an account, but most likely, Google created this account for your department based on information on your website and Google Maps.

Training is available regarding how to update accounts, what you can and can't change, etc. 

Contact Web Content Manager Anna Burleson ( for more information.

Best Practices

Use Google Business to accurately represent entities at Weber State University.

  • This resource should be used to convey factual, up-to-date information, not advertise or market. 
  • Set reminders to update your hours of operation as needed.
  • Represent your business as it’s consistently represented and recognized in the real world across signage, stationery, and other branding.
  • Make sure your address and/or service area is accurate and precise.

Do not post prohibited content. What is prohibited?

  • Fraudulent or illegal activities
  • Marketing, promotions or other contests

Please refer to our social media guidelines regarding handling negative comments.

In brief:

  • Acknowledge
  • Don’t argue or debate
  • Don’t delete

Guidelines for Handling Negative Comments

Updated: July 2023