Site Manager User Guide

Site Manager Content Management System

Site Manager is the web content management system for Weber State University departments and organizations. This offers a number of benefits for you and your web site visitors.

  1. Consistent navigation experience for visitors
  2. Consistent look and feel and branding by using templates
  3. Stay current with the latest university web site design
  4. Google Analytics of web traffic and visitors
  5. Integrated campus web alerts and eWeber notifications

Video Tutorials

  • Site Manager Tutorials Playlist

    A video playlist of key Site Manager features to make editing your website easier and more intuitive.

  • Using Google Forms

    Use Google Forms to easily create and integrate forms into your Site Manager web site.


Best Practices for Site Structures

Deciding how to structure the pages, folders, links and resultant navigation for your site can be complicated. Here are some best practices.

Best Practices for URLs and Linking

Recent changes in Chrome require secure linking to online content to avoid Mixed Content warnings.

Additional Help

If you have additional questions, please reach out to