WSU Web and Digital Management Portfolio


The Web and Digital Management Portfolio will be accountable to President's Council through the Vice President for University Relations and the Vice President for Information Technology, with the following charge:
  1. Articulate and promote a University-wide vision of a unified WSU web, social media and mobile application presence.
  2. Translate this vision into objectives; identify teams to address the objectives, and measure and report progress.
  3. Promote consistency of design and navigation across the University's web site and mobile applications.
  4. Encourage efforts to improve the quality and effectiveness of the University's web site, eWeber portal, social media sites, and mobile applications.
  5. Assist in the development of problem-solving processes and mechanisms to address concerns, complaints, and suggestions regarding university web sites, eWeber portal services, social media and mobile applications.

Approved by President's Council Dec. 20, 2010.
The Web Management Portfolio changed its name to Web and Digital Management Portfolio in fall 2016.


  • John Kowalewski, Portfolio Chair, Marketing & Communications
  • Ben Barraza, Manager, Web Development
  • Peter Waite, Enterprise Applications
  • Scott Teichert, Admissions
  • Clayton Oyler, Student Access & Success
  • Dani McKean, Student Access & Success
  • Anna Burleson, Marketing & Communications
  • Jeremy Harvey, IT Academic Web Technologies
  • Alan Ferrin, Creative Academic Technology Solutions Manager
  • Nancy Jarvis, PPMO/IT Business Services
  • Oliver Snow, Continuing Education Online Support