The Wasatch Range Writing Project

The Wasatch Range Writing Project (WRWP) is a site of the federally-funded writing and teaching initiative, The National Writing Project. Founded in 2007, WRWP has already built up a reputation across the Wasatch Front and the nation for innovation and excellence in educational in-service.

The WRWP's mission is to enhance student learning across curricular and grade level areas by improving writing in all areas and mediums.

The WRWP believes that:

1) the best professional development comes when teachers teach each other,

2) teachers of writing should be actively engaged in writing themselves,

3) writing instruction should be informed by current pedagogical theories.

The WRWP provides resources, in-services, and opportunities for all those involved in facilitating great education. By helping all involved (Teachers, Students, Administrators, and Parents), we hope to change the face of education for a better world today and tomorrow.


For more information regarding the WRWP, please contact William Pollett at or check out their Google Website by clicking here.