Phi Alpha Theta

WSU Alpha Gamma Omicron Chapter Information:
Phi Alpha Theta is the National History Honor Society dedicated to research, publication, teaching, and an exchange of ideas among historians.  At WSU we have an active membership that participates regularly in conferences and fundraisers. Alpha Gamma Omicron is skillfully led by a student officer corps that works diligently to promote PAT and develop interesting, fun, and educational opportunities for its members.

Recent PAT Member Conference Paper Prize Winners:

  • 2022: Amber Bell, PAT Regional Conference at Weber State University, Award for best paper on the history of Utah or the Western U.S., "'Overrun with Fire': The Environmental Consequences of Beaver Removal during the Pacific Northwest Fur Trade"
  • 2022: Anthony Coombs, PAT Regional Conference at Weber State University, Award for best paper on war or imperialism, "'An Appeal to Our Fathers': The Founding Myth, the Spanish-American War, and the Debate over American Imperialism"
  • 2022: Zahran Austin, PAT Regional Conference at Weber State University, Award for best paper on the history of women or gender, "'Addicted to this Abominable Vice': Spanish Colonial Encounters with Gender Diversity in Western North America, 1555-1670" 
  • 2021: Ashley Smouse, PAT Regional Conference at Brigham Young University, Award for "The Cross and the Reconquista"

Reasons to Join PAT:
  • Opportunity to present papers and receive prizes at regional and national conferences.
  • PAT looks great on graduate school applications or a resume for teaching positions; and frequently provides opportunities to work especially close with faculty and to develop relationships leading to strong letters of recommendations for graduate programs and employment.
  • Official Phi Alpha Theta Honor cords for graduating seniors.
Eligibility Requirements:
The Alpha Gamma Omicron Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta admits members during both Fall and Spring Semesters. The following requirements must be met at the time of application:
  1. 12 completed hours of History classes (may include transfer credits)
  2. 3.1 minimum GPA in History classes
  3. 3.0 minimum Cumulative GPA
  4. NO membership fee (but membership includes a one-year subscription to The Historian and The New Letter)

Becoming a Member:
Submit completed application form including unofficial WSU transcripts to the Phi Alpha Theta Faculty Advisor or the History Dept office, LH 232.
Once your completed application has been accepted, you will be allowed to fully participate in all PAT events. You will receive an invitation to your official initiation into PAT at an end-of-semester (or otherwise indicated) ceremony. At the ceremony you will receive a membership certificate.
Advisor : Dr. Leah LaGrone, 801-626-6730;

PAT’s national site: