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Departmental Honors

“Department of History Honors” is a special designation offered to history and history teaching majors through the Department of History and Honors Program. It provides our majors with the opportunity of graduating with distinction based on their academic achievements and participation in activities designed to enhance their skills as historians.



Upon earning departmental honors, you will receive:

  • “Department of History Honors” designation on your official transcript
  • “Department of History Honors” designation on your diploma
  • A letter of congratulations from WSU’s president and honors director
  • An honors sash and medallion to be worn at commencement
  • Invitations to all honors educational and social events



  • Declare a history or history teaching major, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a departmental GPA of 3.7
  • Become a member of Phi Alpha Theta history honor society
  • Disseminate your research publically through one of the following:
    • Present a paper at a national or local academic conference (e.g., Phi Alpha Theta Utah Regional History Conference; Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research; Annual Conference of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters; Weber State Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium)
    • Submit an article manuscript to be considered for publication by a scholarly journal
    • Create a museum or web-based exhibit with the support of a recognized institution of public history
  • Students working on their general education requirements are encouraged to take general education courses offered through the Honors Program.


How to Apply

  • Schedule an appointment to fill out the Entrance Form for Departmental Honors with History Honors Advisor Branden Little. Students must enroll one full semester before graduation in order to be considered eligible.

    Dr. Stephen Francis
    Department of History Honors Advisor
    Old Science Laboratory Building, Room 407
  • Submit the completed and signed entrance form to Honors Program Advisor Marilyn Diamond in Stewart Library, Room 225.

    Marilyn Diamond
    Honors Program Advisor
    Stewart Library, Room 225
  • Complete the following prior to graduation: 
    1. Complete the Departmental Honors Exit Form with the History Department Honors Advisor to be cleared for graduation with Departmental Honors. Fall graduates must submit the form the week before Thanksgiving. Spring graduates must submit the form the week before Spring Break.
    2. Submit your university application for graduation through the Graduation Office as required by all students filing for graduation.
    3. Submit the completed and signed Exit Form to Honors Program Advisor Marilyn Diamond for clearance to graduate with honors.