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Social Science Education Center

Social Science Seminars

The Social Science Education Center at Weber State University offers general education credit at no cost to you as an educator. This is a two-credit-hour history/social science seminar.

We will offer these seminars every semester with a different topic each semester (summer seminars will be a two-week-long condensed session and meet from 9:00 a.m.-Noon). You can repeat these workshops as many times as you’d like.  Fall and spring semester seminars will be on Wednesday evenings from 4:15 p.m.-6:45 p.m. on Weber State's main campus.  

The Seminars:



Our Current Seminar: 

"Great Ideas in World History" 



Here are the daily topics:  


June 3-   "The Idea of Red Cross in History," Dr. Branden Little, Professor of History 

June 4-   "The Philosophy of René Descartes," Dr. Richard Greene, Professor of Philosophy

June 5-     "The Historical Concept of Vaccinations," Dr. Matthew Romaniello, Professor of History 

June 6-    "The Economics of Adam Smith," Dr. Bob Fudge, Professor of Philosophy  

June 7-   "Sigmund Freud & Company and Psychoanalysis," Dr. Brady Brower, Professor of History

June 10-   "Charles Dickens' and Frank Capra's Ideas to Solve Social Ills," Dr. Stephen Francis, Professor of History

June 11-    "The Philosophy of Plato," Dr. Mary Beth Willard, Professor of Philosophy

June 12-    "The Scientific Ideas of Isaac Newton," Dr. Eric Swedin, Professor of History

June 13-    "The Historical Concept of a Jury," Dr. Stephen Francis, Professor of History

June 14-    "Political Ideas," Dr. Thom Kuehls, Professor of Political Science





This seminar will be held Monday-Friday, June 3-14, from 9:00 a.m.-Noon.

Weber State Davis Campus, Building D2, Room 103

2750 University Park Blvd. Layton, UT

The Social Science Education Center is covering the cost of this seminar.

So you will be able to get college credit at No Cost to You.

For further information contact Dr. Stephen Francis



How to Register 


Scroll down to HIST 2920 "Great Ideas in World History" and click on "Add to Cart" and after that click on "Grant" to have the cost paid for

Then when you are at the payment screen click on Grant in the drop-down menu.  Make sure you sign up for the appropriate section:  one is a Credit/No Credit Course, and there is one that is for a Letter Grade.


Enroll Now

****Looking Ahead:  

                                                                  Fall 2024-Nineteenth-Century America


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Stephen Francis