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  • Annual Golf Tournament


    This year's annual golf tournament will be held on Friday, May 5, 2023, at the Glen Eagle Golf Course. Be on the look for formal invitations and registration. 

  • Annual Health Administrative Services Case Competition


    The Weber State University Healthcare Case Competition is a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to promote awareness of and develop innovative solutions to health issues. The case competition is designed to offer students in health professions and those interested in a career in health administration, the opportunity to apply their coursework to a real-world situation and present recommendations to a panel of healthcare professionals

    Why Participate?

    • Hands on experience
    • Unique networking opportunity to show your skills 
    • Demonstrate and apply critical thinking, teamwork, communication and presentation skills to prospective employers 
    • Satisfies presentation requirements for departmental honors 
    • Prizes for each category

    2023 Case Competition

    • November 11, 2023 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
      Weber State Station Park Campus-Farmington
    • A graduate and undergraduate team will be selected as winners. Winning team members will each receive a $1000 scholarship.
      Online students are welcome to participate. For students living 60 miles or more from the Weber State Station Park Campus, their associated teams may participate virtually, i.e., via Zoom. Such virtual teams may not include members who participate in-person. All virtual team members may only participate via Zoom.
    • For more information, rules and to join the fun click the link below:
      HAS Case Competition

    Past Competition Winners


    Graduate Division
    Erin Dominguez, Keaton Montgomery, and 
    Ninoska De Jesus Pineda

    Undergraduate Division
    Megan Batchelor, Noah Bridge, Savannah Coburn and Marcos Gomez

    Graduate Team

    Undergraduate Team


    Graduate Division
    Elizabeth Bizzell, Kayden Grenko and Christina Whitecar

    Undergraduate Division
    Anna Bigler, Ashley McDermott, Kathryn Nelson and Natalie Rives


    Graduate Division
    Amber Gray and Cassandra Fenton


    Undergraduate Division
    Taylor Andersen, Daunte Atkinson, Joshua Beckett and Hadley Thomas 


    Graduate Division
    Lori Beesley, Julie Hamilton, David Link and Susan Mahler

    Undergraduate Division
    Shannon Miller and Yesenia Johnson


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