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Be Brilliant with online and in-person programs and certificates


The Department of Health Administrative Services was developed to help you succeed as a leader in the ever-growing field of healthcare. 

Our students graduate prepared for managerial, technical and health leadership roles, while many also advance their careers with our Master of Health Administration degree.


  our degrees & programs 

Let's face it, not everyone meant for healthcare is meant for the daily patient interaction, such as drawing blood or dealing with the one-on-one patient care. But if you're someone who likes to ensure that the right tools are in place to make patient care successful, then we have the degree for you! 

The Department of Health Administrative Services offers you a customized education, available in online, hybrid or face-to-face formats. So, whether you are just starting your career in healthcare, discovering different avenues of care or furthering your education for advanced opportunities, we are here for you. Check out all of our degrees below, and explore the degree or program you are after.



are in store for you @WSU! Discover why Weber?  

The healthcare industry aims to achieve patients' success and well-being through what's called the Triple Aim. This term means the simultaneous pursuit of high quality care at a low cost, with all demographic and socioeconomic access.

At the Dumke College of Health Professions we believe your education should be treated the same way! And our award-winning programs are dedicated to your student success!



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