Wildcat Center & Davis Fitness Center Policies

Strenth & Cardio Policies:

  1. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, activity leader, or instructor/teacher.

  2. Participants using the strength and cardio equipment must be at least 16 years old. 

  3. Athletic attire is required in the Wildcat Center, Davis Fitness Center and Wildcat Arena at all times for the purposes of hygiene, safety, and protection of equipment.

    1. Required gym attire consists of the following:

      1. Athletic tops and bottoms

      2. Clean, closed-toe, non-marking athletic shoes.

    2. Clothing and items that are not permitted include:

      1. Clothing that inhibits body heat transfer or training masks that restrict breathing.

      2. Clothing that contains exposed metal zippers, rivets, belt loops, buttons, or belts.

    3. Specific activities (i.e. climbing wall, pool, etc.) may have different clothing requirements.

    • We recommend that patrons clean equipment before and after use. Bare skin contact with equipment is not recommended. 

    • *Exceptions to this policy to accommodate specific accessibility needs can be pursued with the Stromberg Complex Facility Manager and the Associate Director of Campus Recreation.

  4. Exercising in stairwells or on the bridge is not permitted.

  5. All weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, equipment attachments, and bars must be returned to the appropriate rack after use.

  6. Weights of any kind are not permitted on the elevated track. 

  7. Excessive slamming or dropping of weight is not allowed. Olympic bars should be handled in a manner consistent with the lift(s) being performed. 

  8. Participants are expected to wipe down equipment before and after each use with the provided cleaning antibacterial spray and towels.

  9. Food, gum and tobacco are not permitted in the arena. All beverages must be in a spill proof container. Please refrain from mixing powdered beverages in the facility.

  10. Please share the equipment by permitting others to work in, between sets. Please do not take rest periods while sitting on equipment while others are waiting for that equipment. 

  11. When others are waiting, there is a 30 minute limit on all cardiovascular equipment. 

  12. Taking photos or video recordings of others without their permission is prohibited.

  13. Taking photos or video recordings for commercial purposes must be approved by the Facility Manager and/or Associate Director of Campus Recreation prior to film. 

  14. Headphones are required for all electronic devices that emit sound. Headphone usage may be restricted during NCAA Track practices. 

  15. Personal training or private/group instruction is restricted to certified individuals specifically employed by Weber State University. 

  16. Policy Related to Hazardous Stunts/Activities: Stromberg Complex users MAY NOT participate in the following activities without a WSU Approved Coach/Instructor and Athletic Trainer Present (Cheer only).

    • Aerial Stunts

    • Gymnastics style tumbling

    • Martial Arts Training (Sparring)

    • Fencing

    • Archery

    • Pole Vault

  17. Multipurpose studios may only be used for scheduled academic classes and Campus Recreation group exercise classes. All other uses must be approved by the Facility Manager and/or Associate Director of Campus Recreation prior to use. 

  18. Personal items should be stored in the locker room or cubbies. WSU Employees are not permitted to hold items for participants. 

  19. WSU is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

  20. For your safety, participants are required to abide by all staff requests.

  21. Failure to abide by polices or staff requests may result in loss of user privileges.  

WSU Wildcard identification cards are property of the University. Misuse of IDs to gain facility access is considered fraud. Campus Recreation staff may confiscate misused, expired, or invalid Wildcards and may require the person(s) to leave the facility. Misuse of Wildcards may also result in loss of facility access privileges or further disciplinary action by the University.

*Updated April 2021