Informed Consent

In consideration of the right to participate in the above-described activity (“Activity”), I hereby agree to this waiver and release. I recognize that the Activity may have a risk of personal injury and/or damage to my property. This includes injury, illness, mental or emotional trauma, disability, or death. I hereby freely assume all risks which may be associated with or result from participating in the Activity including, but not limited to: travel to and from, instruction, participation, and competition. I hereby warrant that I possess the minimum level of fitness and health necessary to participate in strength training, stretching, and aerobic activities. I understand that the voluntary choice to participate brings with it the ASSUMPTION OF THOSE RISKS AND RESULTS which are part of these activities, and understand it is my responsibility to obtain medical clearance if there is any doubt in my mind as to my level of health and fitness status for any particular activity.

I further agree to release the State of Utah, Weber State University (WSU), their officers, employees, agents, contractors, and volunteers (“Releasees”) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, loss, claims, damage, injury, illness, or harm (“Claims”) to me of any kind or nature arising out of participation in the Activity including where Claims occur due to the negligence of Releasees. In consideration of being allowed to participate in the activity, I also grant permission to the University to use my photograph, video, or likeness on its website or in any other publication at any time including publicity for or about the activity. I waive all rights to receive compensation in connection with the taking and use of my likeness.

Consent is expressively given, in the event of injury, for any emergency aid, anesthesia, and/or operation, if in the opinion of the attending physician, such treatment is necessary.