Fitness Class Descriptions

30-Minute Core

This 30 minute class focuses on improving core strength and definition through yoga and pilates exercises that will help you build a strong torso and back. This class is a great compliment to any fitness routine!


A terrific low impact class which takes place in the pool! Great for increasing stamina, flexibility, strength, well-being, and weight control.

Total Body

Change up your workout routine with this 60 minute total body cardio and strength training class! Instructors will challenge you to strengthen and tone your muscles with a workout that includes calorie burning cardio and muscle toning weight lifting.

Cardio Circuit

With a combination of cardio and resistance training, instructors will challenge you to strengthen and tone your muscles with a workout that includes calorie burning cardio and muscle toning weight lifting.


Sweating has never been so much fun! This 60-minute endurance based cardio class brings the feeling of riding outside indoors. Enjoy the ride!

Power Yoga

Challenge and drive your yoga routine to new limits through this more advanced and energetic flow of poses and posture. This class will increase your endurance and strength, both mentally and physically. All levels are welcome. 

Restore Yoga

Find physical, mental, and emotional peace through gentle yoga and meditation techniques. This class will leave you feeling calm, focused, and deeply relaxed!


Increase your cardiovascular fitness and endurance with step aerobics.  By stepping up and down in a variety of exercises on a raised platform, you'll increase your heart rate and tone the body in this fun workout!

TRX® Power Mix

Challenge your body like never before using the TRX suspension training system to improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance! This class incorporates intervals of strength and cardio to deliver a fun and effective workout.

TRX® Strength

Created for Navy SEALs training, the TRX suspension training uses your bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Build strength and take your workout to the next level with this class.

Vinyasa Yoga

This yoga class is taught in a Vinyasa style, where poses flow from one to the other and each movement is coordinated with your breath. This energetic class will increase heart rate and muscular strength, while improving balance, flexibility, and focus. All levels are welcome.

Yin Yoga

This class will increase flexibility and relaxation through deep stretching and gentle movement that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This style compliments all fitness routines and yoga practices.


Combine Pilates and Yoga for a low-impact strength training class. Develop your core strength and stabilization through pilates poses, and improve your flexibility, muscular strength, posture and alignment through yoga poses, breathing and relaxation.


No need for any dance training, just the love for dance and the will to learn. Zumba exercise classes are "fitness-parties" that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.


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