Virtual Permit Types

 You can see what virtual permits are availabe, the prices, and where each permit allows you to park. For more information about parking permits please visit the parking permits page.  Be sure to use a browser other than Safari as it is not compatible with payment gateway.





$125.00 per year
$84.00 per semester

A - Permits

Permit Lottery determines which seniors and veterans can purchase "A" permits. Any permits not picked up will be offered to underclassmen. Students are eligible for these permits on a first-come, first-served basis. Permit holder must park in the designated "A" parking lot or in any "W" or "R" parking lot and at the Davis Campus or Dee Events Center.



$81.00 per year
$57.00 per semester

W - Permits

"W" Permits may be purchased at any time. Allows holder to park in any "W" parking lot, the Davis Campus and the Dee Events Center.



$81.00 per year
$57.00 per semester

R/W - Permits

"RW" permits can ONLY be purchased by housing residents and adjoining tenants. Allows holder to park in any "W" in the "R" parking lot(s) near thier residence, the Davis Campus and Dee Events Center.



$58.00 per year
$36.00 per semester

R - Permits

"R" permits can ONLY be purchased by housing residents and adjoining tenants. Allows holder to park in the "R" parking lot(s) near thier residence only.



$81.00 per year
$57.00 per semester

Disability Permits

Register with parking services to purchase a disability permit. Display state placard with registered license plate. Valid in any lot, except reserved stalls, meters and public pay lot. Individuals with temporary disabilities can obtain a temporary disability permit at the cost of $10.00 per week for a maximum period of 2 weeks.



$27.00 per year
$18.00 per semester

Dee Events Center Permits

Dee Events Center permits are valid for parking at the Dee Event Center Only.


Motorcycle Icon


Riding a motorcycle or moped is one of the easiest and most economical ways to get to campus. Not only do motorcycles reduce traffic congestion, but parking is much easier than for an automobile. There is no permit required to park motorcycles on either campus, however, you must park your motorcycle in the designated motorcycle area. These areas are typically found at the end of parking rows and have green hash marks on the pavement. Motorcycles may not use automobile spaces except at paid meters. 

Map (PDF) with designated motorcycle areas



Temporary Permits

Temporary parking for the "A" or "W" permit areas is issued for not more than two weeks. Temporary "A" permits will only be issued to holders of annual "A" permits and only in the assigned "A" lot. Temporary permits cost $3.00 per day or $10.00 per week.



$125.00 per year
$84.00 per semester

Vendor Permits

Vendors are required to have a valid permit while conducting business on campus. These permits are valid in specific areas. The cost of a temporary vendor permit is $3.00 per day or $10.00 per week.



Contractor Permits

Working on campus are required to have proper parking permits on their vehicles. Arrangements can be made through Facilities Management.



$3.00 per day
$10.00 per week

Visitor Permits

Visitor is defined as someone who is invited to campus for various reasons. Examples include prospective students, dignitaries, guest lecturers and speakers. Prearranged guests may obtain permits at the Information Booth. Visitors may also park in the pay parking lot or at parking meters, with the responsibility to pay the regular fee.  Be sure to use a browser other than Safari as it is not compatible with payment gateway.


Sidewalk Icon

Sidewalk Permits

To obtain a permit to drive on the sidewalks; download the request form, fill out and take to Police Department for authorization.  The Police Chief or his designee will approve the request and the permit may be picked up in the Public Safety building, Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Sidewalk Policy: WSU Campus Policy 5-46 (PDF).

Download our Campus Walkway Sidewalk Request (PDF) or WSU Ogden Campus Fire Lanes (PDF).