Brandon Stevenson - Qualifications and Credentials

Contact Information:

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Office: Computer & Automotive Engineering Building (CAE) Building Room 107 (WSU Davis Campus)
  • Email:


  • Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Data Analytics from the University of Southern Indiana
  • Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology: Advanced Vehicle Systems and Field Service Operations


  •  ASE A1-9; L1-4; G1; C1.
  • WSU Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Automotive High Voltage Safety Training, Systems, and Bootcamp. 


 After spending 8 years as a service and repair technician specializing in General Motors vehicles, Brandon left the shop to go work for Cummins Corporate in Indiana. Brandon joined Cummins within their level 2 technical assistance group. After helping to develop a specialized team for on-highway customers to reduce their RECT (repair event cycle time), he was tasked with leveraging technology to further reduce RECT. After leveraging telematics for on-highway customers, he then created a similar product: PrevenTech, for off-highway / industrial customers. After working in Cummins Telematics space as a Project Manager, Customer Support Manager, and Business Development Manager, Brandon left Cummins to come back to Utah to teach the next generation of automotive professionals.  


  • NEVC
  • OTAC
  • BAS
  • SWI