Dixie Technical College Certificate Program

Complete the following program at Dixie Tech:



HVDD 1001B Intro to Transporation Technology and Safety 25
HVDD 1120C Transportation HVAC 110
HVDD 1130B Transporation Electrical System 140
WKSK 2456D Career Success 10
HVDD 1110B Drivetrains 110
HVDD 1115B Steering and Suspension 120
HVDD 1000E Preventative Maintenance 110
HVDD 1105B Brakes 120
HVDD 1036B Shop Safety 25
HVDD 1025D Diesel Engines 140
HVDD 1040D Hydraulics 90
Total 1000

Completing all the courses listed above will give you transfer credit for the following courses at Weber State University:


Credit Hours      

AUSV 1000 Introduction to Automotive Service 2
AUSV 1071 HD Truck Brakes 2
AUSV 1072 HD Truck Steering & Suspension 3
AUSV 1170 HD Truck Engines 5
AUSV 1270 HD Truck Drive Mechanisms 8
AUSV 2170 HD Truck Electrical Systems 3
AUSV 2270 HD Truck Engine Diagnosis 3
AUSV 2370 HD Truck Air Conditioning 2
Total 28