Articulation Agreement

Between Weber State University and Wake Technical Community College

  1. Purpose
    1. Weber State University, (WSU), will guarantee admission to Wake Technical Community College, (WTCC), students according to the terms of this Agreement. The purpose of the Articulation Agreement is to coordinate transfer policies, enhance advising, and promote the acceptance of equivalent courses/credits between WSU and WTCC. The Articulation Agreement facilitates a clear pathway for admission to WTCC students who intend to graduate WTCC with an Associate of Applied Science, (AAS), in Automotive SystemsTechnology and transfer directly to WSU to earn their baccalaureate degree.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. Admissions Practices
      1. As an open enrollment institution, WSU accepts applications from WTCC students to pursue any degree program at WSU. Transferring WTCC applicants must meet the same general admissions criteria as other students applying for transfer to WSU. Students transferring from WTCC to the WSU BS- Automotive Technology program must meet the same prerequisites, grade point average (GPA) and other specific admissions criteria, as other native or transfer students applying to this specific WSU program.
    2. Acceptance and Application of Credits
      1. General Education. Students completing an AAS in Automotive Technology at WTCC will have partially fulfilled the General Education requirements at WSU. AA or AS at WTCC will generally be considered to have met all lower division general education requirements at WSU. However, students completing an AA or AS at WTCC may have their transcripts reviewed by WSU to assure they have successfully completed relevant courses in three specific Core Areas: Written Communication, Quantitative Literacy, and American Institutions. While WSU will honor associate degrees, deficiencies found in one or more of the three Core Areas may need to be addressed.
      2. Where course equivalencies exist for required courses and/or prerequisites, these courses will apply to WSU graduation requirements in the student's stated major field of study.
      3. College-level course credits and grades accepted by WSU are transferable. Grades of F, I, or U will be considered failing grades generating 0.0 points in the incoming starting WSU Cumulative GPA calculation.
      4. WSU will evaluate courses/credits listed on WTCC transcript that were awarded through Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DSST exams, and courses/credits earned at other institutions. The student must submit separate transcripts or exam results documents to WSU. If requested by the student, WSU’s Automotive Technology Department will evaluate Prior Learning Activity for Credit Evaluation and other life experiences for possible credit.
      5. WSU will maintain course equivalency information and make this information readily available to WTCC.
      6. Students transferring from WTCC will be required to complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of WSU coursework to be eligible for the WSU bachelor’s degree.
      7. WSU will not use grades accepted as transfer credit in the calculation of the student’s WSU cumulative grade point average. These credits, however, will be included in the calculation of a student’s total attempted/earned credits.
      8. WSU reserves the right to evaluate the transferability of all automotive technology coursework.

      9. It is the responsibility of the student to notify WSU’s Transfer Articulation Office when exercising this agreement to ensure the credits are appropriately transferred.

    3. Exclusions to the Admission Agreement

      1. In accordance with state and federal guidelines, some students may be ineligible to enroll at WSU based on their immigration status. The Office of Admissions reserves the right to request supporting documentation to determine immigration status and eligibility.

      2. WSU reserves the right to deny admission or the benefits of this agreement to students who have been suspended, dismissed, or expelled for academic or non-academic reasons from any college or those who have been convicted of, pled guilty or no contest to, a felony.

      3. Admissions to WSU does not guarantee admission to specific WSU degree programs which may have additional requirements such as GPA, test score or other criteria. This agreement does not convey promises, such as financial aid or course placement, unless otherwise noted.

    4. Update/Report/Relationship

      1. WSU and WTCC agree to review the agreement and relevant transfer course equivalencies annually. The agreement shall be updated as courses are added, deleted, modified or retitled, including course numbers. It is the responsibility of the school making the changes to notify the other partner school of the changes so that the appropriate updates can be made. Curriculum changes by either institutions must be communicated in writing no later than June 30 of any academic year for the subsequent academic year. WTCC will designate an individual to serve as liaison for the purposes of monitoring this agreement.

        1. WSU designated liaison: Jessica Slater, Pathway Coordinator

          Contact Information (email):

        2. WTCC designated liaison: Deborah L. Hadley

          Contact Information (email):

    5. Amendments and Term Effect

      1. The curriculum transfer guides in effect at the time a student first enrolls at WTCC will be honored by WSU if the student completes an AAS degree in Automotive Technology and successfully transfers to WSU within 6 years of that first enrollment at WTCC.

      2. All course-by-course transfer guides may be amended as needed.

      3. This master agreement, dated July 1, 2020, shall remain continuous unless terminated as provided herein. Either party may terminate or suspend this agreement for convenience upon sixty (60) days written notice; provided however, that the parties shall discuss and reasonably attempt to resolve the issues that led to the notice of termination or suspension during the sixty (60) day period.