Confessions and Contemplations of a Peer Coach

Confessions and Contemplations of a Peer Coach is a blog written by WSU Academic Peer Coaches. We will take turns posting and will have something new once a week. These posts will come in a variety of forms from sharing our personal experiences, to giving tips, to sharing inspiration. We have three main goals for the posts we will be sharing here: 

  1. Provide you with academic strategies that can help you to succeed in your college experience.
  2. Introduce you to some of the endless resources that Weber has to offer.
  3. Help you get to know us better and how we can support you. Oh, and have some fun 

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6 min read

Wildcat Welcome

By Candace, Certified Peer Educator

Events you do not want to miss heading into the fall semester of 2021!

11 min read

Backpack Essentials: Featuring- Your Peer Coaches

By Kat A., Certified Peer Educator

Overwhelmed by all of the things you might need for your first day of classes? Here your peer coaches share their most essential items, letting you in on what is in their backpacks.

6 min read

Money Management & You

By Kat A., Certified Peer Educator

Come and listen in on a conversation we had with Jesse Checkman about Weber State's Money Management Center and what they can do for you.

11 min read

Gamify Your Study Routine

By Alexis M. , Certified Peer Educator

Is your study session feeling dull? Learn how to incorporate game elements into your learning experience.

11 min read

Becoming (and Staying) Motivated

By Rachel B., Certified Peer Educator

Successful people stay motivated. That is the ‘secret’ to their success. Self-motivation is the nudge to stay determined and focused on the goals you’ve set.