Weber State is Here to Help with Basic Needs!

Did you know that Weber State University has more than resources to help with school and academics? Weber State is here to support even your basic needs such as food and hygiene products. Today I will be talking about some of the free resources on campus that are available to support you with the essentials so you can concentrate on school. 

Food Resources

Have you ever eaten ramen for six days in a row because it is cheap? Have you ever skipped a meal because you were wanting to save money? Too often we label these behaviors as being just “a poor college student.” Really, this is food insecurity! People think that food insecurity means starving and not having any food when really food insecurity is being without reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food. For example, here in Weber County, there has been a significant increase in food insecurity since the beginning of the pandemic. According to a study done in 2020, 14.5% of individuals and 19.5% of children are food insecure. 

Weber State University realizes that many students who attend Weber are experiencing food insecurity. To help with this growing problem, Weber State offers a free food pantry to all students. It is called the Weber Cares Pantry, and it is open at certain hours throughout the week. The goal of the pantry is to provide much-needed food and hygiene products to all students at Weber State. 

The pantry carries various items such as canned foods, fresh and frozen goods, boxed and bagged foods, and even things like dental hygiene supplies and other hygiene products. I’ve gone to the pantry before and gotten some yummy things like goldfish, apples, and even chicken salad! 

The pantry is also always looking for donations of food, hygiene products, and even time! If you have time or resources to give, they would be very grateful.  

Surprisingly, the pantry is a rather underutilized and unknown resource on campus! Any and all students are more than welcome to go when it is open. Stop by the Weber Cares Pantry on the second floor of the Stewart Library on the Ogden Campus! 

Hygiene Resources

Another amazing resource on campus is the Women’s Center! At the Women’s Center, they take hygiene to the next level, specifically feminine hygiene. At the center, they give people the opportunity to get much-needed products that are expensive, such as pads, tampons, pregnancy tests, and contraceptive items. This is another completely free resource that not very many people know about. The Women’s Center is located in the Shepherd Union building on the third floor near the SIL office.

Not only does the Women’s Center offer a hygiene pantry, but they also host various events that you can attend to learn more about gender equity and social justice topics. There are many events that happen throughout the year, so check out their website to learn more about the awesome things that they do there! The Women’s Center also provides advocacy services for those who have experienced sexual harassment or violence.

Weber State offers many more resources than just these two that I’ve mentioned. However, these two resources are great ones that can help you with your physical needs such as food and hygiene products. While you are at Weber, please be sure to take advantage of all of the amazing resources that the campuses have to offer.  

Come and see us at academic peer coaching, and we can tell you more about different resources that might be helpful to you! We would be more than happy to link you up with what you need. 

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