Finding a Job as a College Student


So, you’re looking for a job, but you might not know where to start. Thankfully you don’t need to go through the process alone! 

Weber State University not only provides resources to help students succeed academically, but they also have resources to help students land a job during or after attending college. Today’s post will be going over these campus resources, such as Career Services and Handshake, to help you perfect your job application. If you want a job for the fall semester, now is the time to start applying!

Time is important as a college student, and it is often spread thin between school and personal life. But sometimes, you also need to squeeze in time for a job. Finding a consistent job that works around your course schedule can be difficult. For students, this also means working around the change of course schedule each semester. Questions or concerns that may arise include, but are not limited to:

  • Do I take in-person courses? Or online?
  • Do I work nights? Or weekends?
  • Do I work on-campus? Or off-campus?
  • Do I work onsite? Or can I work remotely?

My Experience Working On Campus

Lucky for you, there are a lot of great student jobs on WSU’s campuses that can work with your course schedule. For example, I have had the opportunity to work three different student jobs on campus - Academic Tutor, Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader, and Academic Peer Coach - while maintaining a 12+ credit hour course load. Keep in mind that these are only a few of many student jobs you can apply for on campus. 

As a student employee, my previous and current job positions have allowed me to create a flexible work schedule. I am able to work before, between, or after attending course lectures throughout the semester. Yes, I got my steps in some days, but it beats driving to a new location. Staying on campus has saved transportation time and allowed me to allocate more time to study. Occasionally, if there is downtime, I am able to complete course assignments while being clocked in for work. 

I have loved my experience as a working student on campus. It has allowed me to get an education, make connections, and build my professional skills.

Applying for the Position

As you are getting ready to apply for job positions, make sure to check out Handshake! Handshake is a networking platform, similar to LinkedIn, partnered with Weber State University. The platform gives users the tools to create a digital profile and connects them with potential employers. Employment opportunities include hourly jobs on-campus, local internships, and positions with WSU trusted companies. In addition to job opportunities, other benefits of Handshake include being notified of Weber State events, like Career Fairs, and being able to make an appointment with Career Services advisors.

As you search Linkedin or Handshake, a job may pop up that just might fit with your course schedule, but your resume is sparse or maybe needs an update. Never fear, WSU resources are here!

Preparing Your Application

One of the best resources for employment advising on campus is Weber State’s Career Services. You may know them as the hosts for WSU’s Career Fairs and other presentations across the university. Career Services provides many free employment resources for all students, graduates, and faculty/staff to ease the application process. They also offer appointment-based and drop-in services with an employment advisor on both the Ogden and Davis campuses.  These services are geared toward each college. Before you make your appointment, make sure to check out who your employment advisor is. If you feel nervous about meeting with an employment advisor, take a moment to look at their pictures and contact information before setting an appointment.

Until then, check out the following resources on the Career Services website you can start using today:

Career Services is an excellent resource throughout your college experience. If you have additional questions about employment resources, contact their office phone at (801) 626-6393 or email

Now it’s time to apply for a job! I challenge you to take a few minutes to review and make one update to your resume or digital profile using the Career Services resources. Then, whether it’s a part-time job or your dream job after graduation, apply for it!

If you are planning to apply for an on-campus job, why not become an Academic Peer Coach? We are looking for an applicant who has good communication skills and would like to help other students be successful.  You can apply at or contact us at We would love to talk with you about becoming a coach!

About The Author

Alexis M.
Certified Peer Educator

Alexis (she/her/s) is an Academic Peer Coach and a recent WSU alumnus with Bachelor's Degrees in Microbiology and Zoology.

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