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President’s Council

The President’s Council advises the president and coordinates the various systems and services on campus. The council is comprised of the president, provost and five vice presidents with contributions from the faculty senate chair, staff advisory chair, legal counsel and director of strategic initiatives. The President’s Council meets regularly to discuss and approve matters related to policy, tenure, retirement and university governance.

President's Council Meeting Minutes

Brad Mortensen


Norm Tarbox

Vice President for Administrative Services

Ravi Krovi


Bret R. Ellis

Vice President for Information Technology

Betsy Mennell

Vice President for University Advancement

Adrienne G. Andrews

Vice President for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Jeff Hurst

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Steven Richardson

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Stephanie Hollist

General Counsel

Aubrey Lord

Chair of Staff Advisory Council

Sherri Cox

Executive Assistant

Jason Francis

Faculty Senate Chair