New MHA Grad Spotlight

  Grad Leads at Healthcare Vendor

Emily AriasEmily Arias, MHA | Many MHA degree holders might think of hospitals or clinics as destinations on their career trajectory. Emily Arias, 2020 WSU Executive Master of Health Administration (eMHA) graduate, has found a third employer option: healthcare industry vendor. She was recently promoted to executive vice president of MedData, a third party revenue cycle management provider.

“There’s a whole world of healthcare out there,” she said.

Arias is responsible for overseeing the central U.S.’s portion of MedData’s front-line teams. She and her teams help hospitals uncover revenue resources, and point patients to financial counseling and resources. In addition, she manages client relationships with 45 hospital partners in her region.

Arias was already working at MedData in regional vice president roles when she joined Weber State’s eMHA program. The flexible nature of the online program allowed her to continue with her high-level job responsibilities, family and other commitments while earning her degree.

The program also enabled her to see that what she knew of healthcare issues and trends in the Midwest also applied throughout the country. With that broad knowledge base, she looks forward to using technology and innovation to push her company and industry forward.