From the MHA Program Director, Darcy Carter

It is my distinct privilege to be the MHA Program director at Weber State University. Housed in the prestigious Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions, the CAHME-accredited MHA Program is exclusively focused on healthcare administration education. This governance within a health professions college also provides a unique interprofessional education experience for our students. Our recently admitted class of MHA and eMHA students includes 30 students that have interdisciplinary healthcare experience.  As healthcare is a team approach, our students have the benefit of learning in an environment that mirrors that of the industry.

Weber State University is a teaching institution. Student education and success are the hallmark of this institution and this program. Program faculty bring many years of real-world experience, teaching and doctoral education to the MHA and eMHA programs. Our faculty members are dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience with personalized attention.

The recent pandemic has changed many aspects of society. Academia is no exception and has also had to change and adapt. Because our program has long been focused on continuous improvement and innovation, we were well prepared to take on this new challenge. Our program faculty and staff are a dedicated team that are not satisfied with the status quo. There is a consistent effort to adapt and improve. These are skills that are applicable to healthcare. In addition to being taught that they need to be agile, creative, resilient, and innovative, our students are also seeing it in action. We continually evolve and find new ways to engage them in a changing learning environment.

Whether you are an alum, industry professional or are interested in the program, we want you to connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Darcy Carter, DHSc, MHA
Professor and MHA Program Director