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Social Science Composite Teaching (BA)

Graduate with a multidisciplinary background in the social sciences to increase your career opportunities in secondary education.

What You’ll Learn

In our social science composite teaching program, you’ll learn how to effectively present a range of social science subjects to students and apply state-of-the-art teaching methods.


What You Can Do

As a composite major, you can become a secondary school teacher. Subjects graduates go on to teach include:

  • History
  • Political science
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Geography

In addition, you’ll have all of opportunities available to regular history majors, including graduate studies and a wide range of careers.

Practical Experience

While working closely with our faculty, you can enhance your studies by working with local history teachers in junior highs and high schools.

We also offer you a chance to study at at Tuebingen University in Germany.


Degree Requirements

  • A total of 120 credit hours is required for graduation; a minimum of 66 of these is required within the major. A total of 40 upper division credit hours is required (courses numbered 3000 and above).
  • Minimum grade of C in all major courses (a C- is not accepted, also refer to the Department of Teacher Education requirements)
  • A minor is not required.
  • Composite majors must meet Department of Teacher Education admission and licensure requirements. Visit the Teacher Education Website for more information.

    Course Requirements



Declare Your Major

Contact Jenna Daniels with your W number and the area you desire to major in.

Jenna Daniels
Administrative Specialist
Social Science Building, Room 234