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2013 Spring Symposium

2013 Teaching & Learning Symposium

Friday, April 5, 2013

Weber State University, Shepherd Union Building

The Conference is free!

The Weber State University Teaching & Learning Symposium is dedicated to giving all instructors across campus an opportunity to share and collaborate on a wide array of topics related to student learning. Despite a wealth of expertise and talent to impact student learning, faculty across the university have few opportunities to come together and share their skills and experiences. The Teaching & Learning Symposium provides such an opportunity by bringing together faculty to learn from one another, reconsider our practices, and engage the entire university in a discussion about our educational mission.

The 2013 Teaching & Learning Symposium invites your participation and attendance on April 5th in the Shepherd Union Building. We welcome presentations and discussions in any of the following three strands:

Research: scholarship on teaching and learning

Pedagogy: course tools, curriculum innovations, assessments, reforms, blunders, etc.

Issues: discussion panels, open questions, interactive sessions

Topics of presentations should be diverse:  How is a technology used in a classroom, traditional or online? What experiences do you have with community partnerships and student learning? What questions do students ask, and does it matter? How have you used the campus subscription of the New York Times in your classroom? How is writing used as a learning tool in diverse fields? What does “critical thinking” mean in your discipline? The possibilities are many – we welcome your contribution.

Sponsored by: The Teaching & Learning Forum and WSU Online 

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Please register for this event today. Registration closes on March 31, 2013. You can access the registration form here.

Questions? Contact the Teaching & Learning Office (x7667; tlforum@weber.edu) or Jordan Utley (x7530; jordanutley@weber.edu), TLF Coordinator.

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