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Department of Psychology


The WSU Department of Psychology is committed to excellence in undergraduate training in the science of psychology. We do so by offering students not only the highest caliber of classroom instruction but also extensive opportunities for professionally-authentic experiences in research (see list of 2012-2013 conference presentations by WSU Psychology students) and community engagement.  


We are dedicated to training students to be psychologically literate citizens who can adaptively use their preparation to engage in scientifically- and ethically- informed judgments, decision-making, and actions. As such, our curriculum emphasizes students acquiring knowledge about the discipline, applying that knowledge to real world situations, adopting scientific and ethical values, attitudes, and beliefs, and gaining interpersonal and communication skills. Course evaluation data suggest that students have very positive experiences in their classes and psychology majors report being extremely satisfied with the quality and breadth of their instruction. 


Weber State University psychology students have had next step success in graduate school in the discipline (with recent acceptances to graduate programs at Harvard, Michigan, Texas A&M, University of Utah, and Utah State University, among many others), related disciplines (Social Work, Education, Marriage and Family Studies, and Criminal Justice) and other professional schools (Medicine, Law, Business, and Pharmacy). Whether psychology students seek out graduate or professional school or jobs upon graduation, they reported a wide range of employment positions and do so at rate above the employment rate for the state. 


Psychology faculty members are actively engaged in the discipline, the community, the university, and the department. Counted among them are a number of award-winning teachers and researchers. They were early adopters, and continue to be leaders, of the university initiative for undergraduate research and community-based scholarship. They are also involved in a variety of interdisciplinary initiatives on campus, including Neuroscience, Linguistics, and Women’s Studies. The faculty members are excellent campus and community citizens serving in leadership positions both on and off campus. Department members continue to aspire to become a model for the university and the discipline of innovative and effective undergraduate training in psychology.

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