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Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource in Utah's arid desert climate. Weber State University is working to conserve water and to enhance water handling on campus for cleaner, safer water for everyone.

What We've Done

  • Weber won the 2017 H2Oath competition with the most number of pledges (beating USU by merely 32 pledges!) to reduce water usage at home and on campus.
  • Water bottle refill stations have been installed in nearly every building on campus to reduce the need for single-use water bottles on campus.
  • Weber has updated our stormwater management plan to improve water quality.

What You Can Do

  • Fix pipe, faucet, and toilet leaks at home to prevent wasting of water and money resources.
  • Don't water your lawn during the day so the water can reach the roots of the grass before evaporating. This will make the grass healthier and stronger, thereby requiring less water.
  • Dispose of hazardous liquid waste such as detergents and car lubricants safely and properly to improve the health of our drainage systems and rivers.
  • If you see something going into the stormwater drain that shouldn't be, or if you have a question about the stormwater management plan, contact Drew Hodge at

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