Water Sustainability

Instructions: To obtain your Water Sustainability badge, it is recommended that you complete the following by May 2, 2025.

  • Complete Prerequisite

  • Complete 2 Actions of your choosing

  • Submit Form

**Only submit the form once you have completed all of your actions. Remember, you only have to complete the prerequisite and 2 additional actions of your choosing. You do not have to complete all of the actions to earn your badge.   

Submit Form Here



Prerequisite Action: Water Footprint Calculator

Description: The Water Footprint Calculator is a website with information on the basics of water footprints, water consumption, and helpful tips for saving water. Assess your water footprint by completing the Water Footprint Calculator to help evaluate your virtual water consumption. 

Time Commitment: 10 minutes

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences about your results and areas you can improve.

Choose at Least Two of the Following Actions:

Action 1: Attend at least one of the "World Wide Climate Justice Education Week" events (TBD)

Description: The World Wide Climate Justice Education Week is a Solve Climate by 2030 Initiative to aid in mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people(from universities, colleges, K-12 schools, and more) throughout April to focus on the critical climate justice work ahead, and our shared resilient future.

See the full schedule and details here

Time Commitment: 1 hour + (varies)

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences about what event you attended and what you learned.


Action 2: Attend the Sustainability Celebration & Awards (April 17th)

Description: The WSU Sustainability team invites you to the annual Sustainability Celebration & Awards! Please join us to celebrate individual and group sustainability achievements from Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 and learn about WSU's current and future sustainability plans. 

  • When: April 17th, 1:30-2:30 pm
  • Where: SU 313C (Ballroom C)

Time Commitment:  1 hour 

Required Documentation: Upload a photo of yourself in front of the Sustainability backdrop.


Action 3: TBD

Description: TBD

Time Commitment: TBD

Required Documentation: TBD


Action 4: Call for Action to Rescue the GSL by Contacting Your Representatives

Description: Many environmental concerns need to be addressed as the Great Salt Lake (GSL) dries up. Read the "Emergency measures needed to rescue the Great Salt Lake from ongoing collapse" by downloading the full report here. Afterward, contact your state and federal representatives to call for action to prioritize getting water into the lake now. Contact your national, state, and local elected leaders here.

Time Commitment:  1 hour

Required Documentation: Submit a screenshot of your email to your representative.  


Action 5: Learn About and Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Description: "When it rains, runoff can pick up pet waste, detergents, litter, fertilizers, pesticides, and other pollutants into our waterways."-Utah State University. WSU has a Stormwater Management Plan and provides some great information on Stormwater management in the home. Learn about other what you can do to soak up the rainwater from the EPA.

Time Commitment:  30 minutes

Required Documentation:  Write 3-4 sentences about what you learned and at least one change you can make in your home.  


Action 6: Install a Faucet Aerator or a WaterSense Certified Low-Flow Fixture 

Description: Save water at home by installing a faucet aerator or a WaterSense-certified low-flow fixture. Aerators go at the tip of your faucet to reduce water flow, and you can learn how to install one here. Utah Water Savers has a Toilet Replacement Program where you can receive up to a $100 rebate. Learn more about low-flow fixtures and WatersenseLook for other possible rebates through Utah Water Savers or another program here

Time Commitment:  varies

Required Documentation: Upload a photo of what you installed.


Action 7: Check For and Fix Leaks Around the House

Description: Leaks can cause numerous problems, such as health issues, destruction of property, and contribute to water waste. If you need help checking leaks, watch this short educational video, Finding & Fixing Home Water Leaks. Slow the Flow provides a fun leak hunter activity.

Time Commitment:  varies

Required Documentation: Take a before and after photo of the leak (if possible).


Action 8: Take a Landscaping or Water Conservation Class

Description: There are a variety of classes offered through Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and Localscapes ranging from landscape designing, irrigating, gardening, and foodscaping. There are also classes available through WSU's Continuing Education Participate in what it really means to be "Water-wise" by taking a class or course on the above topics in your local community.

Time Commitment:  1-3 hours

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences on what class you took and how you can implement what you learned. 


Action 9: Purchase Sustainable Cosmetic and Cleaning Products

Description: Purchase sustainable cosmetic and cleaning products to protect our waterways. Learn about the Environmental Impact of Cosmetics & Beauty Products. The EPA provides great resources for Identifying Greener Cleaning Products such as the Safer Choice Program.

Time Commitment:  varies

Required Documentation:  Write 3-4 sentences on what you learned and identify one beauty product and/or one cleaning product you can switch out.


Innovation Action:

Description: Innovative actions are welcome, but please email greenbadge@weber.edu for approval before submitting this as one of your actions.

Time Commitment: varies

Required Documentation: varies