Transportation & Air

Instructions: To obtain your Air Quality badge, it is recommended that you complete the following by October 4, 2024.

  • Complete Prerequisite

  • Complete 2 Actions of your choosing

  • Submit Form

**Only submit the form once you have completed all of your actions. Remember, you only have to complete the prerequisite and 2 additional actions of your choosing. You do not have to complete all of the actions to earn your badge.   

Submit Form Here



Prerequisite Action: Watch Educational Videos on Air Quality

Description: Watch all three videos to learn more about Utah's unique geography which causes an inversion, why we should care about air pollution, and why we shouldn't idle. Below you can find all three videos.


Time Commitment: 12 mins

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences about what you learned.

Choose at Least Two of the Following Actions:

Action 1: Participate in the annual Clear the Air Challenge 

Description: Participate in the annual Clear The Air Challenge during the month of September. A weekly drawing will be held for those who logged trips during the week. The top-performing individuals (those who reduced the most CO2) will win grand prizes at the end of the challenge. In addition, there is a competition between each university division and each college. Log your trips and help your division and college win! More information can be found here.  

Time Commitment: varies

Required Documentation: Submit a screenshot of your TravelWise Tracker profile showing your week through "Log Your Trips".


Action 2: Attend the Clear the Air Challenge Information Session (TBD)

Description: Attend the Clear The Air Challenge Information Session to learn why WSU participates in the Clear the Air Challenge, how to sign up and join "Team Weber", and how to log trips in the TravelWise Tracker. This session will take place TBD.

Time Commitment: 1 hour

Required Documentation: Sign in at the event and write 3-4 sentences about how you plan to participate in the challenge. 


Action 3: TBD

Description: TBD

Time Commitment: TBD

Required Documentation: TBD


Action 4: For at Least One Trip, Utilize Alternative or Active Transportation

Description: Instead of driving alone, consider utilizing alternative (bus, carpool, TRAX, etc.) or active (biking, walking, etc.) transportation to a common destination you travel to. WSU provides a variety of resources and options to make using alternative or active transportation a little easier. Visit our Sustainability Map to learn more about Transportation at WSU and to view the location of many resources.

Time Commitment: varies

Required Documentation:  Submit a photo of you utilizing active or alternative transportation.


Action 5: Offset Your Carbon Emissions

Description: Offset your commuting carbon footprint by contributing to WSU's carbon offset fund. You can choose to purchase enough offsets to reduce your full annual carbon footprint, offset your emissions and those of another student, or contribute what you can. If your parking pass purchase is on auto-renewal, or if you do not purchase a parking pass but would like to help purchase carbon offsets, you can still contribute. All contributions will be matched by WSU's Energy and Sustainability Office! Learn more about the carbon offset project and how to contribute here

Time Commitment: 5 mins

Required Documentation: Upload a screenshot of your contribution.


Action 6: Go Electric for Mowers, Trimmers, and/or Other Yard Equipment

Description: The Division of Air Quality provides a great overview of the impact that yard equipment has on air quality. They state "... using a gas-powered leaf blower for one hour is the same as driving the average vehicle 727 miles!"

Time Commitment: varies

Required Documentation: Upload a photo of your electric yard equipment.


Action 7: Call for Action to Rescue the GSL by Contacting Your Representatives

Description: There are many environmental concerns that need to be addressed as the Great Salt Lake (GSL) continues to dry up. Read the "Emergency measures needed to Rescue the Great Salt Lake from ongoing collapse" by downloading the full report here. Afterward, contact your state and/or federal representatives to call for action to prioritize getting water into the lake now. Contact your federal, state, and local elected leaders here

Time Commitment: varies

Required Documentation: Submit a screenshot of your email to your representative.


Innovation Action:

Description: Innovative actions are welcome, but please email for approval before submitting this as one of your actions.

Time Commitment: varies

Required Documentation: varies