Be a Carbon Neutral Commuter!

Weber State University is committed to being carbon neutral by the year 2040. To date, WSU has cut its total carbon footprint by 42% but our emissions associated with students, faculty, and staff commuting to and from the university still remain high and represented 54% of WSU's total footprint in 2022-2023! To be a part of the solution please consider using alternative forms of transportation to get to campus and/or contribute to the purchase of carbon offsets to reduce your impact. A carbon offset is an action or project (such as the planting of trees or carbon sequestration) that compensates for the emission of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Offsets are measured in tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent. The average WSU parking pass holder emits over two tons of greenhouse gases annually commuting to and from the university. 

How to Purchase Carbon Offsets

When you purchase your parking pass this year please select the "Add Carbon Offset" option to contribute to the carbon offset fund. All contributions will be matched by WSU's Energy & Sustainability Office! If your parking pass purchase is on autorenewal, or if you do not purchase a parking pass but would like to help, you can still contribute by logging into your account at and then select "Add Carbon Offset" as depicted in the screenshots here.

Carbon Offset Projects Your Donation Supports

Photo credit: Acciona Wind Energy USA LLC

Last academic year (2022-2023) 64 students, faculty, and staff contributed over $1,600 and the Energy & Sustainability Office contributed $8,400 to purchase 689 metric tonnes of carbon offsets which offset 4% of WSU's commuting footprint. These funds were used to purchase offsets from the Dempsey Ridge Wind Project in Oklahoma.