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Reducing, reusing, and recycling guide Weber State University's purchasing policies for sustainable and affordable office supplies.

What We've Done

  • Over 30% of campus departments are using sustainably sourced and recycled content paper through the Green Department Program.
  • WSU has purchased electric vehicles for university fleets to exemplify sustainable purchasing.
  • Recycled content paper goods are available through WSU printing services.

What You Can Do

  • Buy free trade, organic, or local products, or shop and donate your old items at thrift stores.
  • Research the products you are looking to buy for reviews and think about the product's longevity and how much the product will be used - or buy reusable or rechargeable products for multiple uses.
  • Buy items in bulk when possible to reduce packaging waste, and always bring your own bags and containers to shop with.

Get Involved

Faculty & Staff - Join a Green Team

Green Department Teams can implement purchasing policies in their offices to get the most bang for their buck while helping the environment.

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Environmental Ambassadors

Join us for reduce, reuse, recycle parties and drives to promote smart purchasing and save college students precious money resources as well as protect the environment.

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Property Control

Visit Property Control on campus to purchase sustainable office supplies and reduce waste.

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