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Community Programs

We extend beyond the campus to encourage sustainable practices across our community. The Sustainability Practices and Research Center (SPARC) and the Energy and Sustainability Office offer annual open community programs. To stay up to date and in touch about upcoming programs, and stay in touch to learn about new programs via our newsletter.   

What We've Done

  • In 2021, the Empower Northern Utah energy efficiency community program served 230 households providing over 1,100 LED light bulbs and 200 smart thermostats. In total, these energy efficiency upgrades will cut participant’s utility bills by over $23,000 annually. Collectively, our community will reduce more than 158,000 kwh of electricity, 1,120 dekatherms of natural gas, and 171 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. This has the same environmental impact as avoiding over 430,000 vehicle miles driven!  
  • The 2020 Empower Northern Utah program provided 264 smart thermostats at low to no-cost, and nearly 1,000 free LED light bulbs to community members. Over 340 households increased the energy efficiency of their homes throughout the program. 
  • The Empower Northern Utah Light Bulb Exchange took place in the Fall of 2019, and helped over 480 households exchange 6,500 incandescent and CFL bulbs for new, energy-efficient LED light bulbs, at no cost. This action collectively reduced energy bills for participants by approximately $40,000 each year. 
  • Cut Pollution - Mow Electric and the State Mower Exchange helped over 1,250 families exchange their old gas-powered mowers for clean running electric mowers in the spring of 2018 and 2019. Weber Morgan and Davis County Health Departments and the State of Utah partnered with WSU's sustainability offices to launch the programs, which had the same environmental impact as reducing over 6 million vehicle miles traveled. 
  • Weber State University and Utah State University teamed up with Utah Clean Energy to offer the Drive Electric Northern Utah program in late 2016. The program helped 28 community members make the switch to electric vehicles in just seven weeks.
  • Susie Hulet Community Solar helped over 140 households, and one nonprofit (Ogden Nature Center) go solar in 2015. At the time many were surprised to learn they could install a state-of-the-art 10-panel system for $5,300. Over 2,000 panels were installed throughout the program. 
Empower Northern Utah energy efficiency program
Empower Norther Utah light bulb exchange program
Cut Pollution Mow Electric
Drive Electric Northern Utah
Susie Hulet Community Solar

What You Can Do

  • Upgrade from gas to electric yard maintenance equipment. From mowers to trimmers to chainsaws, people are increasingly making the switch. Battery powered equipment makes yard work cleaner (for you and your neighbors), quieter, and hassle-free. Check your local hardware store for electric options. 

  • Check out electric vehicle options with your local dealer. Utah is a leader in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure. Many businesses, homes and "gas" stations offer electric charging, at a lower cost than fossil fuels. Numerous electric vehicles now offer hundreds of miles per a single charge.  

  • Consider sourcing your energy from renewable resources through a program, such as Blue Sky, through the installation of solar panels on your home, or get involved in securing 100% net-renewable energy for your community through the Utah 100 Communities initiative.  

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Empower Northern Utah Program

Weber helped community members upgrade to high efficiency LED bulbs and smart thermostats. Learn how the program helped save our community electricity and money. 

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