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Air Quality

Air quality is a recurring issue in Utah that Weber State University is choosing to address by taking part in the Clear the Air Challenge and through education of students and the community.

What We've Done

  • The Energy and Sustainability Office has installed 8-10 purple air quality monitors so the campus and community can see what the current air quality is like, 24/7.
  • The Mow Electric exchange allowed over 1,000 community members to trade out their gasoline-powered mowers for zero emission electric mowers.
  • Healthy competition among departments, clubs, and students in the Clear the Air Challenge helped WSU students, staff and faculty save thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions and thousands of dollars in transportation costs.

What You Can Do

  • Carpool! Reduce emissions from your car and help save money on your way to work or to school.
  • Source your electricity from sustainable energy resources such as solar panels or through a renewable energy program such as Blue Sky, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that might be fueling your home.
  • To help keep our air clean and save money on gas consider driving an electric vehicle.
  • Transition your lawn equipment to electric. You can learn more about this on UCAIR.

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