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Pre-Dental Recommended Schedule

Listed are only General Education and Pre-Dental required and recommended courses. Courses in bold are common dental school pre-requisites. Schedule DOES NOT include courses needed to complete a bachelor's degree program.  Students must seek academic advisement for specific courses to complete Program of Study (major/minor) requirements.

 Freshman Year    Sophomore Year
 Fall Semester  Spring Semester    Fall Semester  Spring Semester
 ENGL 1010 (3)  ENGL EN2010 (3)   CHEM 1220 (5) CHEM 2310 (4)
 MATH 1010 (4) MATH QL1050 (4)    ZOOL 2100 (4)  CHEM 2315 (1)
 CHEM 1200 (3)  CHEM PS1210 (5)    MICR LS2054 (4)  ZOOL 2200 (4)
 COMM HU2110 (3)  CIL Requirement (2-5)      PSY SS1010 (3)



Junior Year   Senior Year
 Fall Semester  Spring Semester   Fall Semester  Spring Semester
 MATH 1060 (3)  CHEM 3070 (4)    PHYS PS2010 (5)  PHYS 2020 (5)
 CHEM 2320 (4)  CHEM 3075 (1)    American Inst (3)  
 CHEM 2325 (1)  Gen Ed CA (3)      
 ZOOL 1110 (4)  Gen Ed HU/CA (3)      
 ECON SS1010 (3)  ZOOL 1120 (4)      


Bachelors Degree Required for Dental School Admissions 

Microbiology, Zoology, and the Bachelors of Integrated Studies are the three most common bachelor degree programs pre-dental students choose.  Total credit hours required for a BS/BIS degree are 120; upper division credit hours required for a BS/BIS degree is 40.  Chemistry courses required and listed in the above suggested schedule complete a Chemistry minor.  Many students take courses during the summer term or take an additional semester or two to complete BS degree requirements for a more competitive dental school application.  Note that although most students complete or are close to completing a degree, it is NOT required by dental schools.

General Education

The schedule above suggests pre-dental recommended courses that fulfill general education requirements including: Psych SS1010, Communication HU2110, Economics SS1010, Chemistry PS1210, Physics PS2010 and Microbiology LS2054.  Care should be taken in choosing the remaining general education breadth courses due to the University Diversity requirement that can be fulfilled by specific general education courses.  If properly chosen, one course can complete two requirements.  Otherwise, a separate course (not listed here) will need to be completed for Diversity.  Refer to GENERAL STUDIES requirements for more details.  (Note: Do not duplicate departments when fulfilling General Education Breadth areas.)

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