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Pre-Pharmacy Course Plan

Step One: Knowing where you place in Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • Your Math placement is determined by your ACT, ALEKS Math PPL and/or AP scores. Concurrent Enrollment coursework in Math can also determine where you place in Math. Find more information on our Math & English Placement website.

  • Take Chemistry Exam to determine whether to start with Chemistry 1210 (score 70+), the beginning Chemistry requirement for pre-pharmacy students or Chem 1200 (score 69-) its pre-requisite.

  • Along with the exam, you must place in Math 1050 or higher. If you have completed these prerequisites and are having trouble registering for 1210 please contact the Chemistry Department.

Step Two: Determine semester course load.

Step Three: Meet with your advisor.

  •  Dr. Don Davies or Jane Stout will help you understand and know what courses are required for both your pre-pharmacy program, degree program, and general education. These advisors can also help you in choosing the appropriate courses to take together. 

Step Four: Do some research.

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