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Why Physics?

Physics is both exciting and fun! Physical forces are at work everywhere, from the smallest atomic particles to the far reaches of the universe! Physics is the study of matter, energy and the interactions between them.  It includes the study of mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.

Understanding physics helps to clarify why and how nature works and also provides opportunities to use these forces to make scientific advances and to benefit our lives. 

This knowledge is necessary to build better airplanes and rockets, to develop innovative methods of communication, to explore new sources of energy and to improve the delivery of health care. For example, physicists developed X-ray, CT and MRI technology for medical imaging. It is the understanding of the mechanics of movement that is allowing the incredible advancement of prosthetics into bionics

You Will Like Physics If...

♦ You want to be involved in developing new technologies
♦ You are curious and make detailed observations about the world around you
♦ You are mechanically-inclined and enjoy building things
♦ You enjoy solving problems
♦ You want to explore the entire universe, from the smallest particles to the edges of its envelope

Can You Picture Yourself Here?

Can you picture putting your curiosity and creativity to work by applying your knowledge of natural forces to improve the world around you?

A Physics degree can help you make that happen. 

You'll find there are many careers that allow you to use what you will learn in physics to make a difference in this world.  

We Can Help You Make it Happen!

♦ New Students, first complete the online application for admission to WSU.
♦ If you are just beginning, have questions about the university or general education classes, or are wondering which program of study to declare or what initial classes you should be taking, please contact the College of Science Advising Office. Click here for contact information, location and hours.
♦ If you feel confident that you understand the lay of the (university) land, and are ready to declare a Physics program, you can make an appointment to meet with Dr. John Sohl by email at He'll answer your questions, get your program declared, and help you with your schedule.

Let's Connect!


Office hours

Monday - Thursday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Mailing address

Weber State University
Department of Physics
1415 Edvalson St., Dept. 2508
Ogden, UT 84408-2508

Building location

Tracy Hall Science Center (TY)
Room 302, Mail Code 2508

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