Physics Major: Jordyn Redmond

The physics department at WSU is the greatest collegiate department I have ever worked with during my educational career. Professors, faculty, and staff members are dedicated to helping every student be successful. One of my favorite aspects about the physics department is the opportunities for research, along with the equipment available to undergraduates for experiments, which includes telescopes, specialized microscopes, spectroscopes, electronics equipment, and more! Other great features of the department include small class sizes and club involvement. There are so many great courses offered, but some of my favorites so far have been Nuclear and Particle Physics (Phys 3710), Galaxies and Cosmology (Astro 3170), and Materials Characterization Lab (Phys 4410). I still have not decided what I will be doing after graduation, but whether it is working in industry or going to graduate school, I know I will be well prepared and successful because of the support from this phenomenal department.