Physics Major: Chloe Jones

    I have always been a big fan of the question “Why?” – why is the sky blue, and why does our universe behave the way that it does? Physics is the science of why, and it’s the wonder of arriving at the answers to these questions that makes physics worth doing for me. I am currently a senior on the astrophysics emphasis track, and I am hoping to pursue graduate school to study cosmology and/or the formation and evolution of galaxies in our universe.

    One of the greatest things about Weber State’s Physics Department is the level of personal connection and instruction given by the faculty to us as students. No matter how many times I’ve stumbled into their offices asking for guidance, the professors are continuously willing to help me. The Physics Department has given me incredible opportunities for more hands-on experience as well, from analyzing geology samples with our scanning electron microscope to collecting data on binary star systems with our telescope. Even if you’re not an astronomer, I recommend taking ASTR 1040 or ASTR 2040 simply for the experience. I have also greatly enjoyed taking nuclear & particle physics (PHYS 3710) because it has helped my understanding of the material from other classes.