In normal financial analysis, “Return on Investment” (ROI) is the measurement of money gained or lost relative to the money invested. Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an attempt to measure the impact of an investment on the humans involved, i.e., is anyone better off? How are they better off? How much are they better off?

Social Return on Investment

The Ogden Civic Action Network (OgdenCAN) is ideally situated to help organizations in our community to fulfill their social responsibility goals by investing in interventions that address the social determinants of health.

OgdenCAN is currently a consortium of eight anchor institutions, eleven partners, and many allies focused on the health and well- being of 14,871 people who live in the East Central Neighborhood of Ogden, Utah. This is a hyper-local, place-based initiative that has been recognized by the International Town & Gown Association and the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities as one of the top three collaborations in the country.

Interventions by Social Determinant of Health

The work of OgdenCAN is aligned with the social determinants of health as defined in Healthy People 2030 by the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The five pillars are:



All community members can access health services for their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Produce RX Program
Food Ethnography
Rideshare services for medical patients
Network facilitation – food council
Corner Store Network Analysis
SNAPEd Incentives
Corner Store Organizer
Food Rescue
School-based Health Collaborative


All students are socially and academically successful with access to early education and support for completing postsecondary credentials.

Adult High School Diplomas & GED
Noncontingent Home Visits
Academic Interns
Community Literacy Specialist
Waldo Reads

Built Environment

All community members live in stable housing within safe, health neighborhoods.

Net Zero Home Construction
Housing needs assessment and advocacy pilot

Economic Stability

All community members are financially stable and have options for upward economic mobility.

Interweave Solutions Training

Financial Stability Pilot, Cottages of Hope

Research Regarding Benefits Clitt


Social Fabric

All community members have access to the social connections that enable them to do the things that matter most and to solve everyday problems.

Community Leaders Network

Other Investments

Intervention Evaluation – WSU Community Research Extension

Total Interventions: $999,909

Note: Each intervention application includes performance measures and an evaluation plan. The Funding Application Review Committee provides a recommendation to the OgdenCAN Board of Directors. The Board makes the final decision to fund or not to fund the application. The applicants are required to provide a midway report and a final report. The intervention can be up to $100,000 and up to two years in length. Each intervention is designed to be a pilot project that can be scaled-up if appropriate with other funding sources.