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Ogden Civic Action Network 

Welcome to the Ogden Civic Action Network (OgdenCAN), we facilitate collaboration and local partnerships in health, education and housing by offering a central point of organization committed to improving the welfare of our vibrant communities in the East Central Neighborhood of Ogden, Utah.

To find resources and the latest information on COVID-19 in the East Central Neighborhood, click here. 

The OgdenCAN Approach

Located on the corner of 26th and Monroe, OgdenCAN is an innovative space for local partnerships within the East Central Neighborhood of Ogden, Utah. This vibrant community, filled with colorful architecture and a rich history has transformed into an area where 100 occupied homes do not have running water. Recognizing the need for BOLD change, OgdenCAN initiated a collective impact approach to assist in revitalizing the community's beautifully diverse environment. This anchoring approach is grounded in a long-term commitment from institutions, stakeholders, partners and community members; all who are dedicated to a patient discovery process that follows the energy of collaboration. In this revolutionary action plan, OgdenCAN aims to share their narrative of lasting community improvements in health, education and housing through collective alignment and residential story sharing. 

BE the story, SHARE the story and CHANGE the story with us.


OgdenCAN is a coalition of local stakeholders committed to improving the welfare of our community. We are focused on health, education and housing of the East Central Neighborhood. 

Our mission is to create a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization using a place-based strategy centralized in the East Central Neighborhood of Ogden, UT.


Our vision is simple, we aim to improve the health, strength, and engagement within our community: economically, socially, environmentally, educationally and civically.




Engaging Residents

The real magic happens when residents come together, meeting one another and shaping change.
OgdenCAN is organizing a block-by-block structure which will ultimately mobilize 100 volunteer captains to lead communications and projects within each micro-neighborhood.

Short-Term & Long-Term

A patient discovery process has already begun, with eyes on a 40-year vision. Some efforts have a short-term focus so residents can see improvements right away, while others require patience to make a lasting difference over time. Think of planting annuals vs. fruit trees. Anchors are simultaneously working on problems at both the macro and street levels. It has to be both: short-term/long term; micro/macro.

Benchmarking NEW GROUND

OgdenCAN is part of the Anchor Learning Network, a group of over 30 universities who have committed to their anchor role in their respective communities. This network is convened by The Democracy Collaborative in Washington DC and provides benchmarking with other leading-edge communities. OgdenCAN’s structure is unique and efforts here are further along than almost anywhere in the country. So, although some examples exist, OgdenCAN is breaking new ground and is likely to become a model for other communities. 

The Seven Imperatives

The mission of the Ogden Civic Action Network is to create comprehensive neighborhood revitalization through a place-based strategy that focuses resources on the East Central Neighborhood of Ogden.  Our vision is to improve the health, strength and engagement of our community – economically, socially, environmentally, educationally and civically.  We seek to remove barriers, create opportunities, and align all of the resources available.  The civic action plan created by the Ogden Civic Action Network will be consistent with the following seven imperatives:

Imperative #1 – Anchor-mission

This imperative specifies that there are anchor institutions that are rooted in our community by their mission, invested capital or relationships with customers, employees, residents, and vendors.  These anchor institutions are immoveable which means that their well-being is inextricably tied to the welfare of the community.  Our anchor-mission is:  The Ogden Civic Action Network commits to intentionally apply our long-term, place-based economic power, intellectual assets, and human capital in partnership with our community to mutually benefit the long-term well-being of all involved.  We also seek an economic system that ensures that equity, inclusion, economic stability and resilience are produced as a natural consequence of the functioning of the economy.

Imperative #2 - Place-based

This imperative requires that a specific geographic area within the community be designated for comprehensive revitalization, e.g., the East Central Neighborhood. 

Imperative #3 – Core Values and Ethics

This imperative establishes the principle-based values and ethics.  These values are founded upon the principles developed by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative including: Integrity - Act with honesty in all situations

Trust - Build trust in all relationships

Accountability - Accept responsibility for all decisions

Transparency - Maintain open and truthful communications

Fairness - Engage in fair competition and create equitable and just relationships

Respect - Honor the rights, freedoms, views, and property of others

Rule of Law - Comply with the spirit and intent of laws and regulations

Viability - Create long-term value for all relevant stakeholders

Imperative #4 – Access and equity

This imperative ensures that equal access is available to all residents within the East Central Neighborhood.  We desire to eliminate barriers and obstacles in this neighborhood and to provide fair access to housing, education, and health opportunities that could transform lives in a significant and meaningful way.  By helping these residents meet basic needs, we recognize and validate the dignity of each person.

Imperative #5 - Transdisciplinary community solutions

This imperative connotes a strategy that crosses many boundaries to create a holistic approach to problem solving or to signify a unity of knowledge beyond typical boundaries.  In other words, there is true collaboration between all stakeholders which becomes a way to engage in different ways of thinking about and understanding the challenges.  This collaboration helps stakeholders understand the many dimensions or perspectives and how to incorporate the solution.  

Imperative #6 - Authentic partnerships

This imperative honors the fundamental belief that the work of the Ogden Civic Action Network must be pursued both within partnerships and through them.  These partnerships are founded upon the guiding principles of partnership developed by Community-Campus Partnerships for Health including:


Guiding Principles of Partnership

  • The partnership forms to serve a specific purpose and may take on new goals over time.
  • The partnership agrees upon mission, values, goals, measurable outcomes and processes for accountability.
  • The relationship between partners in the partnership is characterized by mutual trust, respect, genuineness, and commitment.
  • The partnership builds upon identified strengths and assets, but also works to address needs and increase capacity of all partners.
  • The partnership balances power among partners and enables resources among partners to be shared.
  • Partners make clear and open communication an ongoing priority in the partnership by striving to understand each other’s needs and self-interests, and developing a common language.
  • Principles and processes for the partnership are established with the input and agreement of all partners, especially for decision-making and conflict resolution.
  • There is feedback among all stakeholders in the partnership, with the goal of continuously improving the partnership and its outcomes.
  • Partners share the benefits of the partnership’s accomplishments.
  • Partnerships can dissolve, and when they do, need to plan a process for closure.
  • Partnerships consider the nature of the environment within which they exist as a principle of their design, evaluation, and sustainability.
  • The partnership values multiple kinds of knowledge and life experiences.


Quality processes that are relationship focused; open, honest, respectful and ethical; trust building; acknowledging of history; committed to mutual learning and sharing credit.  Meaningful outcomes that are tangible and relevant to communities.  Transformation that occurs at multiple levels, including:


  • Personal transformation, including self reflection and heightened political consciousness
  • Institutional transformation, including changing policies and systems
  • Community transformation, including community capacity building
  • Transformation of science and knowledge, including how knowledge is generated, used and valued
  • Political transformation, including social justice

Imperative #7 - Leveraging of existing resources

This imperative ensures that all stakeholders bring resources to the table and that there is a concerted effort to combine and leverage all of the resources for the community’s benefit.  The resources come in the form of staff time, services, contributions, etc.  This leveraging includes seeking donations and grants. 





Weber State University
Office of Community Development
2605 Monroe Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84401