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Ogden Civic Action Network 

Welcome to the Ogden Civic Action Network (OgdenCAN). We facilitate collaboration and local partnerships in health, education, built environment, economic stability and social fabric by offering a central point of organization committed to improving the welfare of our vibrant communities in the East Central Neighborhood of Ogden, Utah.


The OgdenCAN Approach

Located on the corner of 26th and Monroe, OgdenCAN is an innovative space for local partnerships within the East Central Neighborhood of Ogden, Utah. OgdenCAN initiated a collective impact approach to assist in revitalizing the community's beautifully diverse environment. This anchoring approach is grounded in a long-term commitment from anchor institutions, partners and community members; all who are dedicated to a patient discovery process that follows the energy of collaboration. In this revolutionary action plan, OgdenCAN aims to share their narrative of lasting community improvements in health, education, built environment, economic stability and social fabric through collective alignment and residential story sharing. 



The mission of the Ogden Civic Action Network is to focus on the health and well-being of the residents in the East Central Neighborhood of Ogden through a hyper-local, place-based strategy.  


Our vision is a thriving Ogden-Weber Community in partnership with the United Partnership Council through five areas of focus: Health, Education, Built Environment, Economic Stability and Social Fabric. 





A donation to OgdenCAN can make a big difference to our Health, Housing, Built Environment, Economic Stability and Social Fabric initiatives in the East Central Neighborhood. 

Engaging Residents

The real magic happens when residents come together, meeting one another and shaping change.
OgdenCAN has created a community leaders network to do just that. 

Collaborating NEW GROUND

OgdenCAN is part of the Anchor Learning Network, a group of over 50 universities who have committed to their anchor role in their respective communities. This network is convened by Coalition of Urban and Metrolpolitan Universities and provides collaboration opportunties with other leading-edge communities. and provides benchmarking with other leading-edge communities. OgdenCAN’s structure is unique and efforts here are further along than almost anywhere in the country. 

Anchor Institutions

Community Partners

Latinos United Promoting Education & Civic Engagement

Ogden Diversity Commission

Weber Intergenerational Poverty

Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Ogden United Promise Neighborhood

Weber State University as Fiscal Agent

Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce



Weber State University
Office of Community Development
2605 Monroe Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84401