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Verified Credentials is a company that provides your background check and drug test and manages mandatory clinical documentation (vaccines, OSHA training, etc.)

Important Information

Instructions to create and pay for Verified Credentials can be found here.

  • You will need to use your campus, followed by the month and year you will graduate (example: Ogden, April 2024)
  • A list of mandatory clinical placement requirements can be found in Part B, Section I of the School of Nursing Handbook.
  • Your drug test and background check will be ordered at the time of purchase. You will need to take the drug screen order to the specified facility and provide the requested sample.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine and titer information is located in the SON (School of Nursing) Handbook.
  • CPR: All students must have current BLS certification from the American Heart Association. Certification MUST include both written and hands-on components. There will be no exceptions, and it must be current throughout the entire program. Note: Current RQI through employment is accepted as long as the original AHA card is submitted.
  • OSHA: The OSHA course link is found on the WSU OSHA webpage.
  • Food Handler’s Permit: —ADN STUDENTS ONLY— All of our Long Term Care Facilities require students to have a Food Handlers Permit. If you do not have a current Food Handlers Permit you will need to obtain one prior to school start. Your Food Handlers Permit must be current through your first semester. Online Food Handlers Permit Course
  • LPN License: LPN licenses are required for all PN-RN students prior to starting 4th semester. ADN students are not required to obtain an LPN license but are eligible after successfully completing the second semester.
  • CNA License: CNA or EMT certificates are required for all ADN students. The certificate must be current at the beginning of the program but does not need to be renewed during the program.

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