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To complete your registration, read through and follow the following instructions carefully:

Step by Step Instructions

NOTE: Registration times are very important when it comes to trying to register. Please read all emails surrounding CRNs and registration from very carefully. 

I have set you up specifically on my end to register for the CRNs I have sent to you via email. No other CRNs will work, and though it may let you register for them on your end, it will create many issues on our end. These include delayed tuition payments, incorrect instructor assignments, etc. 

Do NOT use any other CRNs from other classmates. You will be removed from courses and unable to start the program if you fail to follow directions. 

If you are having issues registering, please reach out to me and I will look into why. 


Please follow the instructions below to register:

-Log in to "Register for Classes (add/drop)"

-Select "Summer 2024" Semester

-Select "Register for Classes 

-Along the top select "Enter CRNS"


-Make sure it shows "web registered" in green, and that you hit submit. 

Important Notes

  • Registration times are based on earned credit hours. Please see the Registration website to check your registration date.
  • If you are met with a “registration error” once eligible to register. This may be because:
    • You still need to complete your New WSU Student Orientation through WSU (this is different than our Nursing Orientation). Please resolve this before proceeding.
    • You may have outstanding tuition/fees due. Please contact the Registrar’s office to inquire about your payments due.
  • If neither of these apply to you, please include the error name in an email to Failure to include the error name will delay your registration process.

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