Honors Special Topics

About Honors

If you are ready to be challenged, looking for an enriching systems community, then this Honors Special Topics could be the perfect way to explore your talents and passions.  Honors Special Topics create an enriched learning experience, helping systems students reach their full potential.  This course recognizes not only academic ability, but potential to make a difference as a leader in the systems field.  This Honors Special Topics will further your systems technical knowledge by developing additional competencies of communication, ethics, systems global awareness, leadership, and teamwork.

Focus areas will include:

  • Earning your PCEP-30-xx Entry Level Cert - Course fees cover the voucher for testing!
  • A case study of Python applications to Weaponeering
  • A deep dive into digital engineering
  • Systems engineering current events

Preferred Criteria

A WSU MSSE student qualifies for this Honors Special Topics course provided they have met the following criteria:

  • Completed SE 6010 and SE 6140 or SE 6130, B or better in each is preferred
  • Total overall GPA of at least a 3.6
  • Not on academic probation nor a provisional student


The course is scheduled to be offered Summer 2024.  Contact the program during registration season for a potential override and your credentials will be reviewed.  Overrides could be granted for previous experience of MATLAB, Python, C++, R, Ruby, Java/Script, Scala, Perl, PHP, Julia, or Rust